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logo.jpg 01March07.jpgMarch 1st rally for justice.

Students Organizing for Change (SOC) is a UCD student group dedicated to promoting social and economic justice within their local community and abroad. Their focus is to organize the student body to build support for labor campaigns that are taken on, and garnering solidarity with a wide variety of community and student groups.

One of their current campaigns is focused on getting the student body to join in solidarity with food-service workers. Food-service workers in the UC Davis dining halls want: a living wage, more affordable health care, a forty-hour work week, third party complaint review, and union representation. On February 22, 2007, a resolution in support of SOC and the food-service workers was passed by ASUCD. Following multiple events to have the workers become UC employees, a meeting was held this summer between the workers, their supporters, and the administration. However, the UC Davis administration has yet to commit to the demands of contracted-out workers to become university employees and so the campaign continues. UC Davis is the last facility in the entire UC system (10 Universities and 5 Medical Centers) to end the outsourcing of food-service workers.

According to a some employees of Sodexho, becoming UC employees has decreased the amount of free food they receive, lost them their book and tuition support, and given them a less convenient bi-weekly paycheck system (instead of a weekly one). They also have to pay union dues whether the [WWW]union properly represents their views or not.

As of August 2007, Students Organizing for Change no longer affiliates itself with AFSCME, the union responsible for representing dining hall workers in the UC system. Students continue to work on their labor rights campaign without the help of the union, but do not anticipate the rise of any conflict from this change. SOC hopes to work closely with dining hall employees and support them in their struggle for recognition on the Davis Campus, and intends to coordinate with any organization that shares these goals, including AFSCME.

UC Davis [WWW]Food Workers to Be Eligible for UC Jobs April 17th 2008.

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    1. ASUCD Senate Meeting
    2. Sodexho Workers Rally for Justice
    3. Meeting with Vice Chancellor Shimek
    4. Cesar Chavez March
    5. Spring Worker Teach-In
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Contact Information

E-mail: <studentsorganizing4change AT gmail DOT com>
Websites: [WWW]Facebook

Upcoming Event(s)

January 16th @ 6pm:

Past Event(s)

ASUCD Senate Meeting

n13909908_36940707_4192.jpgASUCD Senate meeting

Sodexho Workers Rally for Justice

n3210461_33293558_7705.jpgMarch 1st rally

[WWW]Youtube Video

Meeting with Vice Chancellor Shimek

Cesar Chavez March

Spring Worker Teach-In

Picnic Day Events

recognizeusnow.jpgMarching to the chancellor's house.

icecreamsocial.jpgCrashing the Chancellor's ice cream social at his house. Demonstrators weren't on the guest list but they still made their presence known. Recognize_Us_Now.jpgRecognize us now!

May Day

Chancellor's Brown Bag Crashed

Sit-in at Mrak

Meeting with Chancellor Vanderhoef

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Viva la Revolucion!

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2007-03-01 18:40:57   I heard them starting the rally, I was a bit busy so I couldn't check it out, how did it go? —DavidPoole

The union stands to collect [WWW]1.5% of 500 food workers pay monthly even if they don't join. That works out to about $17,500 per month or $210,000 per year in addition to the money that they already collect from the SX and EX collective bargaining groups.

-this is a bit incorrect. If the the University brings the workers in house, all employees would have 1.5% of their pay taken out, but due to California state law. If the worker does not fill out a membership card for the union, they pay 1.5% into Fair Share, not the union. If they do fill out a membership card, then the money goes into the union. It is done like this because even when people do not fill out the membership card, they are still represented by the union when they have problems. But emphasis on this aspect misrecognizes the fight to become university employees for a strictly economic motive and (intentionally) forgets the social aspect. It is also the feeling of being part of the university, of having collective bargaining rights, job security, etc that is lost in the strictly economic motive argument.

2007-09-05 01:44:11   one student's response to UCD-Sodexho "agreement" and Richard Proctor's "coverage" of it in the California Aggie, Aug. 30, 2007

—posted by mhayashi

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