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''2007-07-16 22:21:04'' [[nbsp]] Me like beer me like it good me caveman me like beer very good, food not so good but me like beer, me caveman --["Users/dickjones"]

sudwerk.jpgA view of Sudwerk on dollar drink night, 2005.

2001 2nd Street, Behind the Post Office at Second St., under the Pole Line Road Overpass
Thurs-Sun 11:30AM-11:00PM
Mon-Wed 11:30AM-10:00PM
Web site

dollar_drinks.jpgSudwerk's dollar "pint" night makes for cheaper fun.

Sudwerk, short for Sudwerk Privatbrauerei Hübsch [Sudwerk Private Brewery Hübsch (family name)], is Davis' local microbrewery. Popular among UCD students is the Dollar "Pint" Night which is on Wednesday nights. Every night there is a "Late Night Happy Hour" during the last hour-and-a-half before closing.

On July 1, 2006, the restaurant portion of Sudwerk changed ownership.1 Live music was suspended during the ownership transition. The new owner is Tim McDonnell, the restaurateur who owns [WWW]The Spinnaker and Tarantino's in San Francisco on Fisherman's Wharf. The menu has had a major reworking. The ingredients are fresher and almost everything is made in-house now. For example, the restaurant now uses spring mix instead of cheaper lettuce in its house salads, buns are now served instead of bread, and the specials have been more varied and different. Plans to update the menu, resurface the bar, get new kitchen equipment, and install plasma screen TVs have been implemented. Presently Ron Broward still owns the brewery. The restaurant now buys its beer from the brewery more formally than before. Tim McDonnell will be focusing on increasing the volume of people visiting Sudwerk and intends to move away from (though not eliminate) German food and move more toward seafood and sautees, which what he specializes in.

Some German beer snobs say that this is the only beer that they will drink in California.

Be sure to check out the [wikipedia]Doppelbock, a seasonal Sudwerk holiday brew. This is the best beer I've ever tasted. - KenjiYamada

Good $$ to Alcohol ratio: The Sampler. 5 types (4*5=20 oz) of Sudwerk's own brew for a very low price (~$5.50).

Good$$ to Alcohol ratio: Wednesday Night Dollar Pint Nights. $3 Cover starting at 9:00PM

Beer Fest 2007
A Celebration of All Things Beer
On June 2, 2007 from 2 - 5 PM Sudwerk Brewery will be hosting a beer fest.
Tickets are $25 at the door and include unlimited tastings.
For more information goto [WWW]


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Beware: the beer served during Pint Nights is from the bottom of the barrel—literally. According to someone who used to work there, they use Wed. nights to get rid of the beer they would otherwise deem unworthy to sell.... That explains the worse-than-normal hangovers, eh? —ss

Do you also think that Natty and Keystone are from the bottom of Bud and Coors Barrels? There is no way that's true, the beers come straight from kegs and besides...the bottom of a barrel of beer is not "bad beer" it may have more yeast but in no way is it bad. Also, if anything it would give you LESS of a hangover since yeast at the bottom of the barrel have vitamins that help cure hangovers. —kegman

Food is mainly pub food: Good snack-type food items: Garlic Parmesean Fries, Buffalo Wings ("drumstick" part only), and Avocado Egg Rolls, Fried Calamari, Onion Rings, etc.

They have live music on select Fri & Sat, 7PM-10PM.

As of February 4, 2005, the Sudwerk Restaurant and Brewery was for sale for $7 million. Prices since have fluctuated. See [WWW] Presently, though, Sudwerk is undergoing a transition into new ownership from Ron Broward to a new owner. The transaction occurred on July 1, 2006. Reportedly, Mr. Broward had trouble finding someone who would buy both the brewery and the restaurant together, not separately.

fountain.jpgSudwerk has a big patio and frog fountain. twolitersavage.jpgA thirsty patron enjoys two liter-sized steins on the patio.

Sudwerk also sells their beer in kegs and has large banquet rooms that can be rented for business meetings, banquets, parties, etc. Parties of 25 or more are usually recommended to make reservations for these rooms ahead of time and have to pay a deposit and cleaning fee.

Size (gallons) Price
5.5 $42+tax
7.75 $49+tax
15.5l $89+tax

Keg prices are scheduled to go up on April 23, 2006.

There have been rumors that the "Pints" on "Dollar Pint Night" aren't actually pints; that they are 12 ounces instead of 16 ounces. This is debatable. If filled to the brim, they are a full 16 ounces. They easily become 12 ounces if the head on the beer is big enough or if your cup isn't completely full, though. Note that the confusion may result from the fact that a UK pint or "beer pint" starts out being larger (about 20%, 568ml vs. 473ml), plus the standard pub glasses allow for a head. In fact, UK law has a "head line" on glasses. Therefore, a Sudwerk pint is a US pint including head, while a traditional pint of beer is a 20% larger imperial pint and does not include the head.


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2005-08-13 11:09:04   The beer is great, and the calamari appetizer is awesome. On the expensive side, but worth it. —AlexPomeranz

2005-08-25 22:03:40   I'm a UCD grad that moved to Seattle WA and i really miss this beer - does anybody know if they will ship cases to individuals? —RonReynolds

2005-09-15 01:59:09   Pint nights are not "bottom of barrel." If you notice, they use the same taps to fill everyone's glasses. Sudwerk has gone through many ownership changes over the last 12 years, none of them for the better. Great place to go if you want a liter of Hefe-Weizen, but terrible if you want dinner within a 3 hour window. —ChrisLambertus

2005-09-27 15:32:13   I'm a beer lover from Germany, and I do think their beer is great — quite an oasis in Budweiser country! I recommend their unfiltered Pilsener. Plus their prices are *very* reasonable: $3.75 for half a liter (about a pint) of freshly brewed gourmet beer is a good deal. On a side note, their menu misspells the names of some beers, such as "Hefe Weizen" opposed to "Hefeweizen". Still tastes good, though! —JoFeuerstein

2005-09-27 19:37:34   Thanks to Sudwerk some of us do know what good beer tastes like! —KenjiYamada

2005-10-01 18:35:35   I highly recommend the Marzen. I've sampled all of the beers and this remains to be my favorite. The Helles isn't too bad either. —BrettCoder

2005-10-01 20:27:42   Wheat beer is best! —CarlosOverstreet

2005-10-23 15:28:38   The beer is lovely, but dinner is a big don't. When we accidentally arrived 15 minutes before they started serving dinner, they seated us but refused to give us dinner menus. We should have taken the hint: the food was flavorless and gloppy. Oh well. Next time, drinks only! —WendeFeller

2005-11-16 23:00:42   When I die, I hope that there will be a Sudwerks beer in my hand. —MikeMele

2005-12-16 04:51:26   Good beer. Marzen is great, Helles is good, Pilsner is good, Bocks are good, but the Hefeweizen is better had elsewhere. For people new to their beers, I recommend the beer variety serving they offer.

Food is decent, the service was slow (not atypical at plenty of restaurants though). Large dinner portions. Overall, a great dining experience, especially if you are itching for something different. —JohnNapier

2005-12-16 13:17:54   mmm....Dopplebock —MyaBrn

2005-12-26 13:23:16   Widmer is a beer brewed in Oregon, and distributed across California. I do prefer their's to Sudwerk's, but that's my opinion. —JohnNapier

2006-01-13 10:16:01   p.s Widmer is distributed by Anheuser-Busch and is substantially inferior to any product from Sudwerk... [WWW]

2006-01-13 10:17:22   Great food, fantastic beer. One of the best restaurants in Davis. A- —FromBayarea

2006-01-13 14:42:16   I have never understood how this restaurant manages to stay in business. Their beer is nothing special and their food is worse. If you want good German food, or even good food, go elsewhere. —ToNils

2006-01-22 14:05:56   Frombayarea, what does Anheuser-Busch distributing Widmer have to do with the quality of the beer? Wheat beer should taste 'wheaty,' and both beers accomplish that. They've both won awards, and they've both been given mediocre ratings from the public gurus on ratebeer, in small sample sizes. So, who gives a shit? —JohnNapier

2006-01-22 14:16:46   ToNils, where do you recommend for German food? You can count the number of mostly German restaurants in Davis and the Sacramento area on one hand. —JohnNapier

2006-02-01 00:56:30   Hi, well I'm not ToNils but I can recommend a couple of places to go for good German eats. However, they are not "close." First and foremost I recommend DJ's Bistro in concord. Across from the park and shop. A great place, nice and European feeling, while maintaining that American ideal of a rather opulent Europe. The food is an agreeable price with Cezch and German beers on tap. Both "Weiss" und "Schwarz." In San Francisco I recommend "Die Suppen Küche." Naturally pricier, and more European in the fact that if you are a party of 2 they will sit you at a table for 6, so be prepared to make new friends. More of a "country" feel, which can be a tad bit upsetting due to the price hike and the travel. Worth it to me. Maybe not to you. Check em out none the less. —AndrewBanta

2006-02-01 11:23:29   Despite the fact that I agree with most of the other posters concerning Sudwerks' food, you can't go wrong with a sausage sampler plate and a half liter of Marzen. I'm a Dopplebock phenatic and I find their Dopplebock a little too mediciny. For a real treat, try an Optimator Dopplebock, (by Spaten, and also avaliable at the Co-OpAndrewBanta). Available in big bottles at the Covell Nugget and 6-packs at Aggie Liquor. —GrumpyoldGeek

2006-03-19 18:18:16   What is it with you people and the beer? The food is amazing. I'd recommend the kartofel phankeutchen (sp?) or the fish and chips. The Hubsch burger is pretty good too. It is a bit pricey. I heard that they changed owners? —KevinRollins

2006-03-22 01:55:17   Great beer, but today (Tuesday) they took last orders at 9.30pm and kicked us out at 10:00pm! —JoFeuerstein

2006-03-22 01:56:36   KevinRollins, you probably mean "Kartoffelpfannkuchen" (potato pancakes) —JoFeuerstein

2006-04-18 02:23:48   Contrary to popular belief the pints served at Dollar Pint Night are full 16 ounce pints if filled to the very top of the cup. I measured this myself. —BrianMartinez

2006-05-16 08:48:35   Sudwerk has great beer and the bartenders are always cool. My wife and I have had dinner several times here, however, and the waitstaff is always slow and indifferent. Being slow isn't that big of a deal because it gives me more time to drink beer, but being checked on by your waiter every now and then always adds a nice touch to the dining experience. This is on top of the fact that most times we've dined here it hasn't been even remotely busy. However, for what it's worth, we've kept coming back . . . —AdamSchneider

2006-06-03 21:17:33   Random question, but does anyone know when Sudwerk was founded in Davis..? —TrishAng

2006-06-04 19:52:16   Went there for the Aggie banquet. Much much bigger than I expected and I like it quite a lot; will be returning. —SaulSugarman

2006-07-29 20:09:10   The food looks kinda expensive. I want to give this place a shot though. Does the atmosphere of the bar get in the way of just having a dinner there? I'm lame. I know. —LiRic

2006-09-19 21:43:11   I really don't care for their food, but I really, really care for their marzen and doppel bock. Mmm...doppel bock... —SteveKent

2006-09-27 12:41:69   The food menu here has changed dramatically in the past month. When I was here for a job interview on 8/13/06, there were lots of German plates and cuisine. When I went back about a week ago, there was only 1 german item on the menu which was the sausage and German potato pancakes (very tasty!!). Unfortunately, the sausage sampler platter I had when I was here in Mid-August is no longer on the menu. The German cuisine has been replaced with your typical Applebee's/TGIFriday's pub grub. Also, dollar pint night is definitely an interesting event. When I was there last week, they seemed to be strictly enforcing the fact that you can't show up early and buy food and be exempt from paying the $3 cover. All in all, a good place with solid beer. For those of you who like their doppelbock, I would highly recommend [WWW]Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock. I am unsure of its availability, but your best bet would be one of the Nugget stores (both have a different selection of beer) or Aggie LiquorCaseyBarc

2006-09-27 13:48:28   I did a blind taste test with Sudwerk Doppel Bock, Spaten Optimator and Ayinger Celebrator and ended up picking Sudwerk's. —KenjiYamada

2006-10-17 23:27:17   My Girlfriend and I found out about this place shortly after we moved here a little over a year ago. We have been eating here on and off since then, always impressed with the great food and excellent beer. Myself and her parents (former restaurant owners) were chatting with one of the staff when he told us that the restaurant was under new ownership and that changes would happen. He assured us that the only changes were going to be better tv's and other cosmetic upgrades, thats it. We were quite excited by this assurance that the overall experience would remain the same ie. German food matching German beer. Tonight, me and my gf went back and we found that the menu has essentially been destroyed. There is almost 0 German food. This is a German brewery, right? Part of the charm going here was getting German food as Sudwerk was the ONLY German restaurant in Davis. The menu now is essentially TGI Friday food. Many people who just came for the beer (Understandable as it IS some of the best beer anywhere), probably wont care, but for those that came for the whole authentic experience, they will be sorely disappointed. Please, tell others, we want a unique experience, not some generic one we can find anywhere!! Bring back the authentic food!!! —JustusBranscomb

2006-10-23 12:39:40   We are also very disappointed with the menu changes. This started at the Roseville location. Why go to the restaurant when you can get the Marzen at the store? I'll just come in to pick up the Doppelbock and go now. —MyaBrn

"2006-10-29 9:23:12 I decided to go to Sudwerk's after reading the German menu online. I was sorely disappointed to arrive at the restaurant and see NO German food on the menu. I can get a club sandwich at IHOP if I so pleased. Boo :(—EricaMacGregor

2006-10-30 22:39:33   I'm indifferent to the menu change. However, I ate there tonight and was quite pleased. The butter lettuce salad with walnuts and bleu cheese was tasty enough for me to eat nearly the whole thing, a rare occurance for a light eater such as myself. —AnnaJones

2006-11-09 16:29:49   I've eaten here twice since the change in ownership. The first time was shortly after the change, and although I was really disappointed that the German food and the wonderful pub-grub was gone (goodbye, luscious onion rings), I thought that the menu was much more unified than the traditional Sudwerk menu, which seemed to be torn between bar food and german cuisine. I ate here last week, though, and it completely changed my opinion of the menu being more unified. It's all over the place. Four things that *really* bugged me last week: 1) the server preceded the description of four separate items with "this is from the new owner's other restaurant". Great, so this is some other restaurant's food? Am I supposed to care? It completely turned me off. 2) Too many of the dishes seem like they have no chance of standing up to the beer being served. Maybe the Hefe or the Lager, but certainly not the Dunkelweizen, Doppelbock or others. The high number of seafood items just reinforces this. These beers (which I love) can't just go with anything, and I think the menu needs to reflect that. 3) They appear to have shorten their hours, essentially removing the 'bar' aspect. 10 or 11pm? Those are clearly restaurant hours. This is supposed to be a brewpub as well. 4) What *is* the theme? We were given a dessert menu, and half of it was Italian-influenced. Can eating crab cakes followed by tiramisu while enjoying a dunkelweizen work? I'm not convinced. The absolute best change I've seen is the additional beers on tap. Prior to the new owners I was never able to go there and choose between the standard beers and four others. The beers are still heaven, so I'm still going, but I hope they continue to rework the menu. It's struggling both for an identity and a way to match the beer. If the name wasn't Sudwerk, I'd bet the owner would ditch the beers completely. —MattCzarnowski

2006-12-12 12:40:05   We went to Sudwerk last week. Overall, the atmosphere was quite nice, the beer was spectacular, and the service was great. The food, however, was less than ideal. Some items were OK (the skinny onion rings I liked, my pasta was fine). Other items were disappointing (my sister had a salad that she basically refused to eat, which is rare for her). They clearly are not overly concerned with the quality of the food. But I would go back, if just for the beer. —JonathanEisen

2007-01-09 21:45:10   I'm drinking one of their doppel bocks right now. Definitely good stuff, nice and flavorful. I tend to have a respectable quantity of Spaten Optimator on hand as my "generic" beer, but the Sudwerk packs more punch. I think I prefer the Spaten overall, not that the flavor is any better, but because I am not always in the mood for the rich bite of the Sudwerk, as good as it may be (and doppels are supposed to be hearty!). I've tried a number of doppelbocks and so far my fave is definitely Weihenstephaner Korbinian. I like to have a bunch of them on hand at home at all times if at all possible. —DireDeparra

2007-01-09 21:47:45   As for the food at Sudwerk, it used to be pretty good, with some generous portions. I love German cuisine, and I was horrified to hear they pretty much eliminated it when the new owner took over. Now it serves rather generic, if competant pub fare. Completely redundant. It's this sort of thing that makes me depressed about life around here. Now the ONLY place I know of that serves German (and Austrian) cuisine is Cafe Vienna in West Sacramento. They have a fairly decent lunch buffet at a good price. I haven't eaten dinner there yet though. I wish there was at least one other restaurant nearby that serves German food. If there is one, I hope someone would let me know so I can rejoice and treat them to dinner for sharing the good news! Alas, the only place I can get schnitzel on a whim is in my own kitchen. —DireDeparra

2007-02-06 20:02:00   i just logged on to the website. it says new hours: 11:30am to 10pm Mon-Wed. does this mean no more 1$ pint night?!?!? i'm saddened, now instead of drinking 6 beers until the wee hours i have to pound a couple and bounce... LAME —EightFishies

2006-03-02 20:47:00   In town for the weekend a tried out Sudwerk's my first night in town based on the recommendation on this wiki. The beer is very good, authentic german lager style. I wanted to clear up a bit of stuff in the comments about weissbier in the W/NW US. Yes, Widmer is distributed by Anheuser Busch and they have a 40% ownership. The quality of all of their beers has gone down since. However, if you get a chance to goto the Widmer brewery in Portland, and try the Hefeweisen at the source, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. At any rate, comparing Widmer Hefeweisen to Sudwerk is like comparing apples and oranges - Widmer is a simple slightly sweet and yeasty weiss beer, but it is not authentically german - the Sudwerks beer has the authentic weisbier flavor. Pyramid, well, just sucks. As do the other breweries they have bought up (Mac's for instance, was good before Pyramid bought them).—CalebPhillips

2007-03-15 23:30:14   The BBQ burger is fantastic, but the appetizer platter if way too monotonous and greasy. Every item is fried, and the onion shreds work better as a side dish than an appetizer. The BBQ tri tip sandwich is really good, but the bread is a bit overpowering— it would be improved by giving more meat or making the bun smaller. The mushroom burger is pretty good. I had the $2.50 nachos on Thursday fiesta night, and I'd recommend you ask for chips with no toppings instead— I enjoyed the chips, but the "cheese" was watery and conformed to no known dairy, non-dairy, velveeta, or aerosol based cheese food product. It was supposedly made from an asiago, jack, and cheddar mix, but it was whey gross. —CraigBrozinsky

2007-03-29 23:22:07   Sudwerk has gone really down, the food is not good, service is not good, beer is just ok. New owners do not seem to care about the food or service. over 45 minutes to receive any food, which was over cooked and under cooked. we will pass the place till new owners take over, or it improves. —JamesMorton

2007-03-30 08:56:53   my favorite part about sudwerk was their onion rings, but now, with the new menu, they are like little tiny peices of onion, battered and fried and served...I don't want FANCY onion rings, I want real onion rings. —RohiniJasavala

2007-05-31 18:38:38   Go to [WWW] for Brooks and Kristen's opinion on Sudwerk food and beer. —BrooksHayes

2007-07-07 22:49:04   The food isn't so great but the beer is good. Dollar Pint Nights are great, especially if you want to get out and you're low on funds. —intangible

2007-07-16 22:21:04   Me like beer me like it good me caveman me like beer very good, food not so good but me like beer, me caveman —dickjones

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