1. Places to watch the sunset
  2. Pictures of sunsets

Sunset is the occurrence of the sun receding beneath the western horizon. When viewed from Davis the sun disappears beneath the Coastal Range between the hours of 4 PM and 9 PM, depending on the time of year.

Sunset is also a great time for wildlife viewing, particularly birds and bats. For Bats, try looking beneath the pedestrian walkway over Covell, near Davis Senior High School, under the Poleline Pedestrian overpass, or under the Causeway. For birds check out anywhere there is water and or food as birds tend to congregate there at dusk and dawn.

Places to watch the sunset

Freeway Bridges Noisy but expansive views.
Bermuda Avenue This is the end of residential Davis and has views to the Coastal Range.
Putah Creek Albeit lower than the surrounding areas, still offers nice reflections during sunset.
West Pond This spot is particularly nice during Winter when the pond is full of water and wildlife.
The top of Sproul Hall on the UCD campus offers a great silhouette of the Blue Ridge.

Pictures of sunsets

reeds.jpgCattails in the dying light

sunset.jpgLooking out toward County Road 98 sunflower.jpgSunflowers in the sunset

anotherone.jpgMay 2012

unamas.jpgNovember 2012 yesterday.jpgDecember 2012

orchard.jpgSpring Flowers March 2013

sset.jpgAugust 2013 lake.jpgStonegate Lake November 2013

SunsetDec182013.jpgJ Street, December 18, 2013, by CO

SunsetDec182013-2.jpgJ Street, December 18, 2013, by CO SunsetDec182013-3.jpgJ Street, December 18, 2013, by CO

SunsetDec182013-4.jpgJ Street, December 18, 2013, by CO

SunsetDavis6302014.jpgOn the last day of June 2014, on the day the thermometer read 107 ºF, the sky decided to look like this: J Street, June 30, 2014, by CO

DavisSunset-August62014-1.jpgJ Street, August 6, 2014, 360 iPad Panorama photo, by CO

DavisSunset-August62014.jpegJ Street, August 6, 2014, 360 iPad Panorama photo, by CO

SunsetDavis1152014.jpgDavis Sunset on November 5, 2014, by CO

SunsetDavis1152014-2.jpgDavis Sunset on November 5, as shown by Rob Carlmark on ABC 6 PM News same day, 2014, by CO

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