Super Giant Burrito



comparison.jpgSuper Giant Burrito, Super Burrito, & Bic Pen

supergiantwet.jpgSuper Giant Burrito, wet style

supergiant.jpgA Super Giant Burrito with a see through ruler on top.

The super giant burrito is the legendary too-huge-to-be-for-real $10 burrito served at Taqueria Guadalajara. Each half of the super giant burrito is about the size of a super burrito. They are most commonly shared by 2-3 people on a budget.

StevenDaubert is pretty sure it's $10.72 after tax

wall_left.jpgLeft Wall wall_right.jpgRight Wall They used to take photos of people who could finish this monster and posted them near the front entrance. The photo boards disappeared sometime before Feb. 2007.

The people who note their finishing times list 15 minutes on average, and claim that chicken is the least filling meat choice.

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