Super Saver Card


SuperSaver_Front.jpg2007 card sponsored by Albertsons and Friday Night Live SuperSaver_Back.jpgback of same card

Varsity Press
1495 Regent Circle
Lincoln, CA

The Davis $uper $aver Card is a free business-card-sized multiple-discount card good for discounts at about a dozen businesses throughout Davis. The cards are sponsored by several organizations, so there are multiple versions of the card with slightly different fronts. They're available free from several sources, which may include the UC Davis Bookstore, the MU Information Desk, the Corral, and Save-Mart. They are published quarterly or thereabouts.

There is also a Woodland Super Saver Card available, which offers similar discounts throughout Woodland. (They are rumored to be available at Casa de Sapore in Downtown Woodland.)

Discounts from the card expiring 2007-10-31:

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