Surplus Stuff


SurplusStuffStorefront.jpgNo longer OPEN 7 DAYS

8505 Folsom Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95826
Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM
Sat 10AM-4PM

Ali's Surplus Stuff (the sign simply says "Surplus Stuff") in Sacramento is an excellent place to buy surplus electronic stuff. Now that HFE Electronics is gone, it's one of the few remaining electronic surplus stores in all of North California :(. They are not guaranteed to have what you want (especially if "what you want" was made within the last seven years,) but they've got some of the most arcane stuff, with reasonable prices. Prices are negotiable, like at a flea market.

Also see Metro Electronics.


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Run by a guy named Ali, who's a hard bargainer. Make sure to test anything as much as you can before leaving the store. - TarZxf

I've known Ali for several years. Great guy, very fair. His employees Ray and Ricardo are also very good. —GrumpyoldGeek

Are you sure the address is 6317 Folsom Blvd? I went there today and couldn't find it. Upon later searching online, I found the address of 8505 Folsom Blvd. Was I just blind, or is the later the correct address? EDIT: Yeah, I just called the number listed, and the voicemail says 8505. Changed.
EDIT EDIT: Yeah, and it's not open on Sundays. Unlike the listed info. Sigh. Two trips this Sunday for nothing. Someone owes me gas money :-P — StewartShearer

2009-05-05 18:13:54   Hello guys! I know Ali for years, to be exact, for almost 20 years now, since I use to live in Sacto. Now I'm in Charlotte, NC, for the last seven years, but every time I visit Sacto I visit Surplus Stuff as well. THERE IS NO SUCH PLACE IN THE WHOLE STATES, BELIEVE ME!!! Here I really miss such store! One week ago during my last trip to CA I again visited Ali, and - guess what? - one more bargain! The Getaway 200STM laptop with battery and dock for the price too low to publish here! THANKS ALI!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! That's the best computer parts' and stuff place! Check for yourself! I would ask for Wiki's admin to find and put an e-mail address for the Surplus Stuff store here on this page, that people from all over US might find what they need. I know, I know, eBay, other auctions... But nothing will substitute the real knowledgeable salesmen and techs, and here you'll find them for sure! —sm7x7

2011-10-02 21:31:14   Ali made a generous donation of equipment to the Yolo Young Makers group. He's an honorable man and it's always a privilege to do business with him. —JimStewart

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