Susie Boyd


Susie Boyd served on the City Council from 6/20/1990 to 6/20/1994. She also served from 2000 to 2004, furthermore from 2002-2004 she was Mayor. The Boyd family donated the James B Boyd London Gas Lamp that stands at the southern end of the Memorial Union bus terminal.


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I'd give my I-teeth for picture of this ex Davis mayor.Wayne Schiller picture linked from DCN [WWW]candidate page. Keep your teeth, these are free. here is another one, this time linked from D. Kern Holoman's [WWW]website. last one is linked from the Rotary Club of Davis.

2005-08-11 09:56:16   would it be appropriate for someone to add some bio text from her website? Seems that we could provide more info for users on a lot of politicos. just a thought and I'd do some, but don't have time right now. —RocksandDirt

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