Sutter Place



Sutter Place was once the name of the cul-de-sac that is home only to Sutter Hospital and Sutter Laser Services. It was a source of controversy stemming from California's Gold Rush[wikipedia]John Sutter, having reportedly killed and/or exploited a large number of Native Americans.

In 1999, UC Davis professor Jack D. Forbes lobbied the City Council to change the name of the street. The council appeared prepared to comply until a public outcry caused them to rethink it. At one point, a man went on a hunger strike to protest the council's refusal to change the name of the street. Nonetheless, no action was taken. Then when longtime UC Davis Native American Studies professor [WWW]David Risling died in 2005, the city council decided it would be a good time to go back and rename the street. It is now David Risling Jr. Court.

The issue managed to be a small story on the national news scene, sort of a "Wacky California Hippie" newsblurb.

What about renaming it Shasta Place, since it is the continuation of Shasta Drive?

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