Sword Fighting


Sword fighting is an act performed generally for recreation, but sometimes as a means to settle wrongdoings against a person (dueling). There are differing accounts regarding the prevalence of sword fighting in Davis, but there has been at least one confirmed report of knights in homemade armor, sword fighting with wooden poles in Community Park. Also, Davis High School students could be frequently seen sword fighting with lengths of PVC piping behind the IPAB during the '05-'06 school year. There is also the Davis Fencing Academy, and two fencing clubs, the UC Davis Fencing Club and the Davis Historical Fencing Club. Davis Period Fencing Club is no longer active. For an Eastern spin on sword-fighting, check out the Kendo Club.

What You Need

If someone wished to pursue the art of Sword Fighting, there are a few things that they might want to have:


Sword fighting is potentially dangerous, and can be deadly if done with real swords. Make sure that you are following safe procedures.


The Davis Boffer Club meets on Russell IM Field every Saturday. A boffer is a weapon built out of a pvc core and then wraped in padding and ducktape. For open style sword fighting this is your best bet in town. You can check out their page on facebook.

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