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I recommend the comment by a competitor be removed. — DonShor


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I completely agree. —PeteB

As the information might be useful, another alternative is to mark it as coming from a competitor. —cp

I still STRONGLY believe that the brands should be removed from the page. Like I said before, they are NOT authorized dealers of said brands and since everyone is so concerned with giving potential customers the wrong impression it would be better to not confuse them with misleading information. - Aaron

Stop by tomorrow and ask them or go to www.specialized.com, www.cannondale.com etc and confirm. I called T&M at noon when they got in today and confirmed but my opinion is !@#$ here so one of you wikigods should do it to verify my findings. - Aaron

I don't mean to pile on Arron, and I truly understand your perspective, and I think your heart was in the right place, but it just doesn't fly. As a business owner I've wanted to do the same thing on occasion, but honestly, either anonymously or in the open, there is no good way to critique your competition without sounding like a d!@k, which I don't think was ever your intention. Just don't ever risk your reputation, period.-Davidlm

2013-06-26 01:55:32   Might as well list every brand on every wiki page then. Doesn't make sense does it? The don't sell Cannondales or Treks, they sell used bikes some of which at anytime might be x, y, or z. See where I'm going with this? Might as well list microwave brand on goodwill's or SPCA Thrift's page too. Since I'm sure they have GE, panasonic and Sony in their store at anytime. I will take the time to do it tomorrow if it makes my point any clearer. Its not logical at all or linear but would go along with your thought process. —Aaron.Curtin

2013-06-26 09:20:15   I think the way the page reads now is a good compromise. It says they are not an authorized dealer, and does not sell new parts, but still includes that they sell used bikes and lists a few brands from their used stock. Its seems clear to me. —jefftolentino

2013-06-26 12:11:30   I haven't taken the time to look through more than a few of the edits that have been made, but Aaron, can I suggest that you step away from the Wiki for a bit? I can attest from personal experience that editing while angry or upset rarely does anyone any good. I know (again from personal experience) that being told to take a Wiki Chill Pill can come across as insulting or condescending, but I'm offering this suggestion from a constructive position: please take a minute to read over that page.

Just as a general matter, I think it's better when competitors don't edit pages about one another's businesses. It's not because there's anything necessarily unfair, inaccurate, ill-intentioned, or dishonest about it. It's a matter of perception. Any commentary from a competitor, at least if it's negative (even of objective and purely factual) is inevitably going to lead to problems. Just look at the history of the taxi pages on the wiki. —TomGarberson

2013-06-26 12:32:27   Agreeing with Tom here. For that matter, I think everyone should take a step back, (speaking from experience as well). It's becoming less and less constructive now. —jefftolentino

2013-06-26 13:00:04   Thank you for your insite, and thank you for speaking to me with a non judgmental attitude, unlike others here. The self righteous attitude of the wiki editors is what boils my blood. I removed my comment on T&M, but still think the brands should be edited out in a manner where those brands are no longer in question. They do not sell Specialized bikes, they sell USED bikes and may happen to have one. There is a difference. It may be a matter of semantics, but I have a hard time understanding the lack of logic involved by such an educated community. It got blown out of proportion very quickly, to which I apologize, but having my input be disregarded and with such hostility put me on the defensive. I don't care what other editors say, its how they say it. —Aaron.Curtin

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