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The ridiculously small size of the Silo Taco Bell waiting area (where you pick up your food) inspired an even smaller but vocal contingent of the ["March 4, 2010 Public Education protest"].

tacobell.jpgThe downtown Taco Bell at 425 G Street. biz_tacoBell.jpgThe Mace Boulevard Taco Bell at 4811 Chiles Road. silo-taco-bell-express.jpgThe Silo Taco Bell Express on Campus.

Downtown Location (store #290) Mace Location (store #3205)
Address 425 G Street, across from Regal Cinemas Davis Stadium 5 movie theater 4811 Chiles Road, near the Mace Blvd. freeway ramps
Phone (530) 758-4172 (530) 753-9423
Hours Sun-Thurs 9:00AM-1:00AM Fri-Sat open until 2am Sun-Thu 10:00AM-9:00PM (drive-thru open until 11:00PM)
Fri-Sat 10:00AM-10:00PM (drive-through open until Midnight
Silo Location (express) (store #4692) Woodland/Pioneer Location (store #????)
Address The Silo 411 Pioneer Ave., in Woodland, near Food 4 Less
Phone (530) 752-2996 ???
Hours Mon-Thu 10:00AM-8:00PM
Fri 10:00AM-5:00PM
Open 24 Hours
Woodland/Main Location (store #????)
Address 208 W. Main St., in Woodland, at Cottonwood St.
Phone ???
Hours ???

Taco Bell is a restaurant that offers inexpensive food using Mexican inspired ingredients and presentation (burritos and the like can be found, but much of their menu is made up of dishes named trademarked words that sound vaguely Spanish). The downtown 'Bell does not have a drive through but does have good parking and generally better service.

Use the Super Saver Card and get a free medium soft drink with purchase of $3 or more. Taco Bell also has Hot Sauce packages called "Border Sauce". This sauce is rather vinegary but does marginally improve the taste of Taco Bell food. The sauce is not actually very hot which is presumably why it is called "Border Sauce" rather than "Hot Sauce". Compare it to another hot sauce packet in town, Del Scorcho.

The sauce comes in three flavors, ordered in ascending spiciness:

While I typically prefer spicier sauce, I find that the Hot sauce has more flavor than the Fire sauce, which I attribute to there being more onions in the Hot sauce. - MikeIvanov

Yeah, I agree. I don't think the Fire is hotter in any meaningful way, and it tastes worse. - jr

The lamers who run the Silo Taco Bell, citing environmental reasons, now keep the sauce behind the counter. Weak sauce!

The ridiculously small size of the Silo Taco Bell waiting area (where you pick up your food) inspired an even smaller but vocal contingent of the March 4, 2010 Public Education protest.


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2005-04-26 14:18:22 Ant trails from somewhere in the ceiling lead to the sauce area. GROSS! —DorotheaChow

2005-08-01 12:46:07 That place reeks... literally! I had to get out of there. —WengFF

2005-11-05 13:14:52   Taco Bell rules!! —TaylorClark

2005-11-06 20:53:13   The food's alright, but that isn't really why I go there. I eat the same food at home, I just go to eat with my friends. —DanielGonzales

2005-11-07 09:12:59   mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... :] i don't eat any of the meat though. grade d just isn't my thing. —NoraSandstedt

2005-11-07 10:45:21   Love the Mace bell —AlexNorris

2005-11-13 20:33:24   The Mace bell has excellent service, as the employees are friendly, funny, and give great customer service (employee Tim). —JohnDudek

2005-11-29 08:49:06   Um. John, no. Retainers are gross. Bad sanitation Employee Tim! —NoraSandstedt

2005-12-01 17:34:13   The only fast food I like! —AubreyJohnson

2005-12-06 15:48:13   Can this place even make a decent bean burrito? This place will kill you slowly. Anyone that eats here should read fastfood nation. —DudeNude

2005-12-07 17:05:00   Go get a bean burrito from Del Taco, then you can tell me what's wrong with the Taco Bell bean burrito —DudeNude

2006-08-25 00:55:40   uhh.. I think there is lard in refried beans, and usally they forget to hold the cheese. for vegans...for to the Farmer's Kitchen! —GehLei

2007-01-01 14:03:32   The downtown location reeks of death and evil spirits. Avoid if you are a normal human being. —MattLow

2007-02-25 09:10:02   The service at Taco Bell on Pioneer in Woodland is pretty bad. The only fast food place I've called (twice!) to complain about. They consistently screwed-up orders, and have a bad attitude toward customers to the point of being flat-out rude. For a while, they had a handwritten sign taped to the drive-thru menu "Have your money READY when you get to the window!!!" After my first complaint, TB corporate apologized and mailed us a coupon...which that same TB refused to honor! (prompting the second call). I avoid that one, now. If you're in Woodland and have to have Taco Bell, go to the one on Main St., where service and quality are up to standard. —DukeMcAdow

2007-03-18 22:07:24   avoid the downtown location, unless you have enough alcohol in your system to kill the bacteria —GarrettGallegos

2007-04-27 13:43:58   I had the worst fast food service experience of my life last week at the G Street location. Granted, they were swamped with business and with only two employees on duty, but cashier Saralina was incredibly rude, and she was not washing her hands between handling food, money, and sneezing and coughing into her hands, and wiping her runny nose. First I spoke up about my order being wrong (I said nothing of the 25-minute wait (I was timing it because I had made the trip to Taco Bell only because it's 2 blocks from my house, and I wanted to eat in time to get back to a basketball game on TV before halftime ended)), and she said they were out of a certain menu item. I asked her why she didn't tell me that before when I ordered, but she answered with unnecessary attitude. That's when I dropped the "Wash your hands" deal on her. Many in line also spoke up because they had noticed, too. She erupted at us. She refused to prioritize the replacement of my order. I demanded a refund, which she slammed into my hands. I made it back home halfway into the 4th quarter, still hungry. I called corporate to complain (I NEVER DO THAT!), and yesterday, five gift certificates came in the mail from the apologetic franchise owner. —RickEle

2007-09-19 15:43:29   I just love this place.... —viviancute

2007-10-17 17:25:01   The south davis bell is really good and i love their food!!!!!!!! —pebble

2007-11-16 20:29:56   I wouldn't recommend downtown Bell...I ordered a cheese quesadilla and a bean burrito there in October from cashier Taylor, and she and another girl were the only ones there. Well, it really wasn't pleasant. When I took a bite into my quesadilla, it tasted weird; when I opened it she'd given me VELVEETA cheese and hardly any real cheese (when I say real I mean Taco Bell standards), so my boyfriend took it back for me and before eating my burrito I checked it. It had weird sauce that looked aged and even more velveeta cheese. Needless to say, I didn't eat the burrito but I did get a free new quesadilla and cinnamon twists from them. The most problems I've ever had with the Mace location is them not putting jalapeƱo sauce on my quesadilla, but I can live with that. ALSO—don't eat at the one in Dixon (I don't know which one), because my brother-in-law found MAGGOTS in his food. —HannahFolkes

2008-02-19 20:15:19   My roommate and I always remember that Taco Bell is on G street because G stands for gordo... which is what we feel like after every culinary adventure at TB. And yet, we return on an almost daily basis (seriously - where is the support group for TB addicts?).

I miss the chili cheese nachos dearly, but all TB nachos are awesome. So are the bowls of pintos and cheese when you dump some hot sauce in. I don't care that it's all complete junk, sometimes you are just in the mood for complete junk. —KateAusten

2008-04-17 21:34:45   I was at the G Street restaurant with my friend last night. The manager, Roger, was serving us. First off, he's a straight-up a$$hole. Second thing, there was almost no ice in the machine and Roger treated me like I was some kind of an idiot because I couldn't get it to work (it wasn't working properly on top of the fact that it was almost entirely empty). Then, there was all this mold (or a moldy-like substance) all over the machine. The meat tasted odd to boot. I will never go to this location of Taco Bell again until that loser Roger is gone... which may not happen anytime soon. Furthermore, I have filed a complaint to the Yolo County Department of Health.

That being said, the Mace Taco Bell isn't bad at all.

2008-07-10 15:41:48   lol

the ice machine almost fell on a little girl the other day at the G street taco bell. the dude just stared at her and one of the women came out, looked at girl w/ giant piece laying on the ground told her, "oh u can still get ice". uhhh. i'm getting paranoid now about the sanitary conditions. i wasnt big on taco bell, but they get ur food to u fast. and i guess it is what it is...what can u expect?

i do think i'll try the mace one, its just located in an awkward place though. and its all right across from healthy subway, how ironic. —KimberlyMiller

2008-08-15 19:48:49   Recently visited again because I was thirsty. I'd like to reiterate that the downtown location smells like homeless people. —MattLow

2009-01-06 19:12:58   Tacobell doesn't have Velveeta cheese... get a life instead of complaining about a one time instance at TACOBELL which was most likely a misunderstanding. —T.D.M.

2009-01-31 22:36:11   As a disclaimer, I love Taco Bell. $3.65 for 2 cheesy double beefs and a large drink is awesome! However I won't touch the Davis locations.

I have had several bad experiences (inexplicably rude manager and incredibly messed up orders) at the downtown Taco Bell, and observed bad sanitary practices (food preparation without gloves) at the Mace Taco Bell. The Taco Bell Express on campus is fine, but overpriced and doesn't carry many of the items I usually order.

The new Taco Bell by IKEA in West Sac is awesome, and the Dixon location is pretty good too... I go to both all too often when I'm broke and in the area :-) Despite the negative review, I've had generally good experiences with the Pioneer location in Woodland. —ErikFriedlander

2009-02-13 15:13:02   the one on mace is sooooooo ghetto. All the employees there look like they have just gotten out of juvie. last time i checked, wearing tall tees and hats to work were not allowed. —BettyBean

2009-05-04 16:45:41   I've been to the ones in downtown and Silo. They're both okay. However, the one in Silo doesn't have the $.79,$.89,$.99 menu, a little disappointed. —thtly

2009-05-20 14:08:59   Apparently the Silo location now charges for sauce. I immediately canceled my order and walked away once I heard this. Absolutely insulting and ridiculous. —Anonymous

2009-06-03 18:37:52   Lol. I love how out of all the super picky comments someone bothered to rant about me calling it Velveeta cheese. What I meant was nacho cheese, the thick creamy stuff. When someone says band-aid they really mean a bandage. Calm down, bud. Other than that one problem, I have no qualms with Taco Bell. I go all the time, in fact. :) —HannahFolkes

2009-07-20 23:14:48   i recently went through the drive-through at the mace location and the kid's meal was $2.99 (pretty cheap for a 2 taco, cinnamon twists, toy, and drink, which is usually what i get =]) then i went to downtown location and ordered a kid's meal, it was $4.49 or something like that (and who ever prepared my food there was pretty stingy about the fillings of the tacos and cinnamon twist, nothing like the mace location) anywho...

does anyone know if there's a price difference between the drive-through and actually going inside the restaurant? or is it purely just a mace location promotion? or...? —TriPpy

we looked at the prices and they were sooo much cheaper than the downtown location. the kid's meal was indeed $2.99 in comparison to the $4.49ish one in downtown and my roomie also agreed that the prices for the other items on the menu were much cheaper at the mace location. so i'd recommend going to the mace location if you are close-byish lol plus they are cleaner smells much better inside too... —TriPpy

2009-08-16 13:11:09   i am very mad at taco bell!! they had this text going around and if you showed it to the cashier they wood give you a free burrito. they stopped doing it because to many people got ahold of the message. i used to eat all my meals at taco bell for free! not any more! —guarunga

2009-11-06 13:33:59   Went to the downtown location with a couple coworkers for lunch....the stank drove us out; smelled like sewer or someone exploded in the restroom. I don't know how the people could manage to sit and eat in that. Went to the Mace location instead. —CindiDrake

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