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By use of the words "Tai Chi", most people actually mean "T'ai-Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan)", or possibly "T'ai-Chi (Taiji)".

Usually, "Tai Chi" is used when actually only some particular aspect of "T'ai-Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan)", — the highly disciplined, extensive and varied, so called "internal" martial practices are meant, or when only one of the various specific "Styles" of the Martial Arts that go by that name are meant. Some of the most common "Family Styles" of "T'ai-Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan)" are "Chen Style", "Yang Style" (pronounced with a short "aa" sound; and where "Yang" here has nothing to do with the "Yang" in the "Yin/Yang Symbol"), "Wu Style", and "Sun Style" (pronounced with a short "uu" sound). All these "internal" Martial Art styles which fall under the heading of "T'ai-Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan)" are of relatively recent Chinese origin, seven-hundred-and-fifty years or less. The Wikipedia article on [wikipedia]Tai Chi Chuan is definitely worthy of a read.

When "Tai Chi" is used to mean "T'ai-Chi (Taiji)", this refers to the Taoist (Daoist) symbol, or what in American English is often called the "Yin/Yang" symbol. This symbol refers to an ancient philosophical concept regarding the nature of what "is" actual reality, and dates back possibly two thousand years or more. If you are interested in learning more about this Chinese philosophical system, look to the sources of Taoist (Daoist) philosophy, at the least as refered to in [wikipedia]Tao Te Ching and the [wikipedia]I Ching.

T'ai-Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan) in Davis, California

In Davis, there are quite a few teachers and groups offering classes, courses and guidance, both on the University of California (UC) Davis campus, and in the City.

At UC Davis there are many opportunities for obtaining quality instruction, including

There are classes not affiliated with UCD, as well, including:

*The International House Davis also offers Tai Chi classes Monday-Friday, taught by Michael Brown. The first session is 'Morning Meditation/Tai Chi' at 7:15am-8am and the 'Coaching Instruction' session is from 8am-8:30am. The class is free for International House members and $10 for non-members.

Downtown in the City of Davis, California instruction is available through the Aikido Institute Davis, the Davis Art Center, the Davis Senior Center, and the Davis Senior High School.

Private lessons in the arts of Tai Chi and Xing YI are offered by Keith Grzelak with Form-Mind-Spirit.

In the above comments regarding the use of the term "Tai Chi" the following words are in the standard English written Romanization transliteration of the Mandarin Chinese words (i.e. the [wikipedia]Wade-Giles system"): "chi", "ch'i", "ch'i kung", "T'ai-Chi", "T'ai-Chi Ch'uan", "Taoism"; and the equivalent words in the standard mainland Chinese Mandarin Romanization transliteration of the Mandarin Chinese (i.e. the [wikipedia]Pin-Yin system) are: "ji", "qi", "qigong", "Taiji", "Taijiquan", "Daoism".

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