Talara Hall



Talara Hall is a part of the Regan Residence Halls in Segundo.

Like many of the Regan Residence Halls Talara was themed the "Quiet Dorm" with quiet hours beginning at an earlier time than other buildings, but it is rumored that it changed to a non-themed community in the 2011-2012 academic year due to Bradley Bottoms (known extrovert) being assigned to Talara.

Note to prospective students - the quiet dorm, at least when I was there (1998), was basically a joke, as half the students in the dorm were there because their parents forced them, and they had no actual interest in being quiet (I would assume similar applies to some of the other theme dorms). We were regularly serenaded by people drunkenly singing The Star Spangled Banner in the shower at 3:00AM, just like any other dorm. I suppose the effectiveness of the theme dorms depends largely on the effectiveness of the RA, but doing it over again, I wouldn't bother with the quiet dorm. -JessicaLuedtke

The Long History and Legacy of Talara Hall 2011-2012:
Floor plan/set-up:

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