Team Aggie Spirit


BESSIE_picnic_day.jpgBESSIE, an autonomous car, at Picnic Day 2006.

BESSIE.jpgBESSIE in a field.

Team Aggie Spirit is a group of dedicated engineering, science and business students competing in the [WWW]DARPA Grand Challenge. The Grand Challenge is to design a vehicle capable of traversing up to 175 miles through rough desert terrain in under 10 hours entirely autonomously. [wikipedia]DARPA gives only a series of GPS points, speed limits and outer boundaries 2 hours before the race. It is the responsibility of the team to design a vehicle capable of navigating between these points without driving itself off a cliff, getting scared of a bush or any of a thousand [WWW]other potential problems.

[WWW]Official Team Aggie Spirit Site <defunct site>

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