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jon sol.jpgJon Bafus and Solomon Bothwell perform at a the TCS building on 2007-07-16 mucky.jpgSean Johannessen performs at a the TCS building on 2007-07-16

Technocultural Studies Building (Old Art Annex)
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***New Changes
Technocultural Studies is now under review (in 2013) to merge with Film Studies to create a new major called Cinema and Technoculture.

"The Program in Technocultural Studies (TCS), a new addition to the University of California at Davis, is based among the fine and performing arts, literature and cultural studies in the Division of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, and is designed to be open to a diverse range of interests from across the campus."

"We concentrate on transdisciplinary approaches to artistic, cultural and scholarly production in contemporary media and digital arts, community media, and mutual concerns of the arts with the scientific and technological disciplines. In contrast to programs which see technology as the primary driving force, we place questions of poetics, aesthetics, history, politics and the environment at the core of our mission. In other words, we emphasize the "culture" in Technoculture." [WWW]Source

Vector Webcast Radio was one of the area streaming audio sites. The TCS Dept. at UC Davis is responsible for inspiring this work and also for supplying the production workshops which made this possible. Basic HTML will be covered step-by-step in order to demonstrate to the curious novice how to accomplish basic website design using FTP protocol, CSS style sheets, flash animation installation and of course streaming audio.

It was a non-political, demonstrative stream hosted at the now-defunct It was part of class TCS 2008.

Students have recently reinstated the Technocultural Studies Club to foster conversations and art beyond the classrooms.

Previously residing in the Art Building, in 2007, the department moved into the remodeled Art Annex building, now known as the Technocultural Studies Building.


Lower Division:

TCS 001: Introduction to Technocultural Studies
TCS 002: Critiques of Media
TCS 004: Parallels in Art and Science
TCS 005: Media Archaeology
TCS 006: Technoculture and the Popular Imagination
*TCS 002, TCS 004, and TCS 006 are no longer available! See TCS Lower-Division Requirement Replacements
TCS 007(A-E): Technical Workshops

Upper Division:
TCS 100: Experimental Digital Cinema I
TCS 101: Experimental Digital Cinema II
TCS 103: Interactivity and Animation
TCS 104: Documentary Production
TCS 110: Object-oriented Programming for Artists
TCS 111: Community Media Production
TCS 112: New Radio Features and Documentary
TCS 113: Community Networks
TCS 120: History of Sound in the Arts
TCS 121: Introduction to Sonic Arts
TCS 122: Intermediate Sonic Arts
TCS 123: Sight and Sound Track
TCS 125: Advanced Sound: Performance and Improvisation
TCS 130. Fundamentals of 3D Computer Graphics
TCS 131. Character Animation
TCS 150: Introduction to Theories of Technoculture
TCS 151: Topics in Virtuality
TCS 152: New Trends in Technocultural Arts
TCS 153: Concepts of Innovative Soundtracks
TCS 154: Outsider Machines
TCS 155: Introduction to Documentary Studies
TCS 158: Technology and the Modern American Body
TCS 159: Media Subcultures
TCS 170 (A-E): Technical Workshops
TCS 190: Research Methods in Technocultural Studies
TCS 191: Writing Across Media
TCS 192: Internship
TCS 198: Directed Group Study


Staff Advisor
Ariel Collatz
Academic Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising
M/TR, 9-11:30
Art 107

Peer Advisor
Laura Harvey
Office hours: M, W, 1-2 pm

Faculty Advisers
Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli

Michael Neff

technically speaking

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2007-10-25 04:46:09   Bob Ostertag is a whoopingly great professor. Woot woot [WWW]

2008-03-05 15:26:00   TCS is super sweet —Art-Advisor

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