Tercero M Building


Tercero M Building was a residence hall on campus and part of Pierce Hall until its demolition in March 2012.

M Building hosted an academic themed program: Asian Pacific American Theme House (APATH). The Asian Pacific American Theme House was established in the Fall of 1998. Asian Pacific Islander students and staff created it, with the idea coming from APILC (then, Asian Pacific Islander Leadership Conference) in 1997.

According to the old Student Housing website: "This program is an opportunity for students to discuss various topics such as Asian American feminism, immigration and civil rights, Asian American arts, and Asian American youth and pop culture with prestigious Asian American Studies professors. Students will also be exposed to leadership and involvement opportunities on campus. This program includes an optional ATP component."

APATH also had another staff member who worked along with the resident advisors. The Cultural Programmer, or CP, served as a link between APATH residents and the Asian American community. The CP knew about the various resources available on campus, as well as leadership and involvement opportunities that are specific to the residents of APATH. The CP also held programs focusing on culture and Asian American issues and experiences. Unlike resident advisors, the CP did not live in the hall; however, the CP was always available for students as a resource.


Cultural Programmers

Resident Advisors

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