The Aggies Of Bag End


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=The Aggies Of Bag End=
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  -Movie marathons
  -Book discussions
  -Movie discussions
  -LOTR hangout days
  -Hobbit Premiere
  -LOTR/Hobbit Baking
  -LOTR/Hobbit Video games nights
  -Traveling to Middle Earth (aka actually raising money to go to New Zealand through STA Travel)

Movie marathons
 * Book discussions
 * Movie discussions
 * LOTR hangout days
 * Hobbit Premiere
 * LOTR/Hobbit Baking
 * LOTR/Hobbit Video games nights
 * Traveling to Middle Earth (aka actually raising money to go to New Zealand through STA Travel)


Club Officers
Dhrubajyoti Das, Dezy Bell, James Warwick, Eliana Villaneuva
Meeting Times
Meeting Location

The Aggies of Bag End is an official UC Davis Student Organization. We are a social group to inform the campus of the sci-fi culture: Middle Earth.

Our mission is threefold: first, to inform students about the works of J.R.R Tolkien in order to encourage them to explore the world of Middle Earth and other sci-fi cultures; secondly, to encourage students to develop their reading capabilities by reading some of Tolkien's complex works such as The Lord of the Rings Series and The Similarion; and lastly, to help students better understand Tolkien's works by organizing movie marathons, debates and book discussions.

A few things to look forward to are:


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