The Bird and I


This section is to share about birds and birding here in Davis or Yolo County.
If you have stories about encounters with local birds, please add them to this page — The Bird and I.

Birds I have Known

SnowyEgretOnLog.jpgSnowy Egret has yellow feet, photo by Lois Richter

Red-tailed Hawks command the highest perches of the summer in Davis. But on close inspection, some of them turn out to be something else. The reddish color of the Red-tail will have migrated up to the shoulder of this other large hawk. Its tail will not be red, but boldly banded black and white, as are the back and wings. This is the Red-shouldered Hawk. It perches on the wires, for example, on F-Street Extension, between the poles commanded by the Red-tails. Both species are resident here year-round.

Davis is good for blackbirds. Year-round we have two red-shouldered blackbirds (The Red-winged and the rarer Tri-color), and we see groups of the iridescent, yellow-eyed Brewer's Blackbird, with an occasional Brown-headed Cowbird mixed in. At the height of summer we have Brewer's big brother, the Great-tailed Grackle visiting the North Area Pond for a few weeks. And late in the spring we have the bright Yellow-headed Blackbird nesting in the Davis Wetlands.

Future or Ongoing Birding Tours in/near Davis

Reports from Birding Trips in/near Davis

Please let us know WHEN your Davis birding trip happened, who led it, where you went, what you did, if it might happen again, contact info, etc... We're hoping for inspiration or hints here. (Please do not post birdlists here; nor reports from out-of-Yolo trips.)

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