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So lots of articles are being linked from the enterprise and they all hit that damn paywall, I'm sick of that and I'm sick of giving them links from such a high ranking Davis website (SEO status)

What can we as the community do apart from calling the enterprise, asking to speak to a Mcnaughton, and giving them an earful?


I'm as guilty of this as the rest — perhaps more so. I see SD's concern, but sometimes there is no other source to link to (or, I have specifically gotten my info from the DE, and well, you know, as an academic I knee-jerk reflexively cite all sources). So, an alternative would be great. An earful to the DE would be nice, too. They made that whole big stink about going open and then within a month were behind a paywall without a peep. —cp

It looks as though the Enterprise may have finally ditched the paywall. Today I've been able to freely access articles that are less than a year old. Access to the content now seems to be ad-supported. -SM

1/22/13 'The Enterprise can be searched on Newsbank at [WWW] with Newsbank access. Newsbank access is free to anyone with a Yolo Library Card.'

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