The Dominoes

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Located in North Davis in the Senda Nueva Greenbelt, you'll find four dominoes that haven't yet fallen over. 11, 7, 8, and 7—perhaps there is some occult meaning to this sequence?

Known to most as simply "The Dominoes," this sculpture's real name is Domino Effect II. It was created in 1994 by Eddy Hood.

dominoes.jpg dominoes2.jpg dominoes3.jpg

I remember running the dominoes like an obstacle course when I was young. I would do it West to East, or looking at the center photo left to right, the far right one gets scaled from a side. —StevenDaubert

These are located at the intersection of Quail Street and Caribou Place, by Dos Pinos. They are located at the entrance to the greenbelt, about 50 yards north of where Antelope Ave and Quail St intersect. —JessicaLeung

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