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In the long, long ago of February 2004, there was a website called The Facebook. It was college based, and had all sort of features oriented towards college life. Like, it had a spot to list which courses you were taking, and which dorm you lived in. And you had to have a .edu email address to even register, so it was cool and exclusive. You could even buy advertising that targeted just your classmates. Still, it was the up-and-comer to other sites, like, [WWW]Friendster(now a game player's connection/meeting place), and even [WWW]MySpace.

By the time students returned to UC Davis that September, the site was already part of the culture. UCD users accessed the site through a specialized domain of However, they eventually got the rights to buy [WWW], and migrated to that site. As time moved on, what was now called Facebook became superpopular and, like [wikipedia]Cartmanland, eventually decided to open its doors to everyone. They added a news feed, when before one would have to check friends profiles obsessively; this was controversial at the time, because it made the "Stalkbook" aspects of Facebook even easier.

Still, the latest versions of the site with corporate webpages, apps, various games such as FarmVille, personal information sales, and a dizzying array of privacy controls can't capture the simple site that thefacebookwas in its youth. In 2005, thefacebook was a way of finding out all about that cutie who sat in front of you in calculus, a way to reconnect with that interesting person you ran into at the dining commons, or a way for freshmen to find a party with a keg on a Friday night. It was a catalyst for social activity, not a substitute. This page is a reminder of those simpler times.

Features of The Facebook (2004)

Some popular features include:


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