The Nothing

(Precipitate Records: 1411 W. covell blvd,suite 106, mailbox 249, davis ca, 95616)
(making beats everyday)

Using an asr-10 as a canvas, samples as paint, drum loops as brushes, The Nothing blends JAZZ, classical, and world beat influences and creates HIP HOP BEATS that are musical works of art. Following in the same vein as RJD2 and hailing from Davis, CA (hometown of fellow artist DJ SHADOW), Matt Fisher, aka: The Nothing, was raised on jazz and blues. At 13 he found hip-hop and never looked back, spending his adolescence with HIEROGLYPHICS, TRIBE, DE LA SOUL, and KRS ONE.

Now THE NOTHING has hooked up with like-minded artists all with one goal: making music simply for the love of it. Fisher has been lucky enough to work with one of underground hip-hop's best: LUCKYIAM.PSC of the LIVING LEGENDS. PSC used seven of The Nothing's beats for his 2003 release EXTRA CREDIT 2: SUMMER SCHOOL. This album boasted a roster of underground greats such as DJ D-STYLES of the World Famous BEAT JUNKIES, and emcees ACEYALONE and THE GROUCH, both of whom appear on The Nothing track "The Wise". With his first solo release THE NOTHING has taken his multi-faceted background and woven it into a soothing DOWN-TEMPO musical experience.


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