The Used Phone Store

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We must keep as our goal turning away from production for war and expanding production for peace.png This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town.
All information here is for historical reference only.


Location 140 B St., Suite 4
Hours Monday - Saturday, 10:30 AM - 7 PM
Sundays are closed for Summer
Phone (530) 753-3555
Established January 2010

The Used Phone Store sold & traded used mobile phones of all services. They could have hooked you up with T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and PagePlus service — without a contract. Some claimed that they have the cheapest accessories in town. They had cellphone cases for popular models and chargers for almost all kinds of phone. You could also pay your cell phone bill here. This was a great place to get replacement or used phone for the major carriers or sell cellphones that you don't use.

There is a new owner since May 2012.


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2011-10-10 19:53:06   Make sure you thoroughly check any phone you buy there.. I didn't and ended up with two broken phones in a row. Never returning to this business again, except to return the second device. Very disappointing. —karinp

2013-01-08 21:13:34   Horrible service, owner is rude and tries to sell broken phones. Dishonest. Will never return to this store. —agiszekacs

2013-01-29 13:29:25   I was there just yesterday to get an iPhone activated with pay-as-you go and I really liked the service and the price. The owner (maybe?) was very nice and helpful, he made sure my phone was working before I left the store and explained all the details of the plan I was getting. I recommend this place! —Awiwi

2013-05-27 10:01:04   I'm not really sure where these comments come from. I was there maybe six months ago (before the end of 2012) to sell one of my phones. Not only was the amount he offered me more than fair, he seemed to go through all the steps of making sure it worked properly but I think he also did some kind of check to see if it had been reported stolen. Seemed like a good place, but I don't have any experience with purchasing anything there, only selling. —BigJay

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