The Worst Intersection on Campus


WEPS_Intersection_Turning.JPGThe northern entry into the intersection, bike path is visible in upper right hand side of photo

Like downtown Davis, the UC Davis campus also has a poorly planned intersection. The intersection where the West Entry Parking Structure meets Hutchison Drive. There used to be an accessible bike path that ran from the corner of La Rue along the south edge of the Hutchison IM Field, but this path was essentially made useless by having it run straight into the outlet of the parking structure. Riders heading west must ride up onto the sidewalk and across a patch of dirt to access this path. Riders heading east risk falling off a curb into traffic. The intersection itself is a mess for cars as well, leaving the west entry structure, drivers are only allowed to make right turns (they do not have the option of going straight or turning left). There is no U-turn allowed at the Hutchison and La Rue intersection.

WEPS_Intersection_Sign.JPGSigns and lights looking southward though the intersection

bikes-vs-cars.jpgThe entrance/exit of the West Entry Parking Structure pits cyclists against motorists and crosses their paths

west-entry-entrance-exit.jpgNote the narrow bike lanes inside of car lanes where-the-bike-path-ends.jpgBike paths? We don' need no stinkin' bike paths! where-the-bike-path-ends-2.jpgIf cyclists do not heed the hastily made arrow, they will roll off a sharp curb and into traffic.


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2007-07-11 13:52:32   What can be done to improve the intersection? —Angel.York

2007-07-11 15:49:28   Perhaps the limit line for southbound traffic can be moved back behind the bike path, or the lanes can be expanded. Even better (and even more expensive) would be a bike overpass. If you're a student, you might want to get in contact with either ASUCD (undergrad) or GSA (grad) so you can get on the Transportation and Parking Services Administrative Advisory Committee [WWW](number 9). —BrentLaabs

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