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Beta Epsilon
515 1st Street
Joe Brinkmann
Vice President
Mark Wong
Zach Schamp
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Jack Yoder
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Sean Flournoy
Yama Nowrouz
Russell Richardson

They wax eloquently: The Purpose of Theta Xi is provide a college home environment for its active members in which fellowship and alumni guidance lead to wholesome mental, moral, physical, and spiritual growth.

2013-14 Brothers.jpgBeta Epsilon Chapter, 2014

With that said, Theta Xi (ΘΞ) was the first social fraternity at UC Davis. The local chapter, Beta Epsilon, has initiated exactly 1216 members as of Spring 2014. As of Spring 2014, Theta Xi has 44 active members, drawing from a large variety of majors, nationalities and religious beliefs.

The chapter owns all three houses on 1st Street between D Street and E Street. Since the fraternity owns its houses outright with no mortgage, it reduces membership dues while increasing the budget for activities, including philanthropy, social events, and brother bonding activities.

On top of having the most active social calendar, Theta Xi has been extremely active on campus. Theta Xi was the 2012 Greek Week Champions with Kappa Kappa Gamma and the 2006 Greek Weeks Champions with Delta Gamma. Members consistently find themselves in leadership positions at UC Davis such as in ASUCD and the California Aggie.

Theta Xi has a heart: the chapter has an annual fund raising event for Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, the fraternity has thrown two philanthropy concerts starring Andre Nickatina.

Theta Xi House.jpgA whole block with three houses conveniently located downtown and only three blocks from campus! Rush Theta Xi.jpgRush flyer from January 2013. Check out their website or Facebook page to stay informed!

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Fast Facts about Theta Xi at UC Davis

Fall Philanthropy

This year, Beta Epsilon held its 2nd annual "Habit for Gingerbread-manity" fundraiser! The brothers enjoyed a fantastic turnout and company from scores of groups representing the UC Davis community. Eleven groups, representing the Greek community and the greater Davis student body, added to the festivities to contribute to Habitat for Humanity.

The winning gingerbread house, submitted by Chi Omega:

2014 Fall Philo Winning House.jpgTheta Xi Ginger Grounds

Fall Rush 2014

Fall Rush at Theta Xi is right around the corner! Don't miss this opportunity to meet UC Davis' most accomplished and close-knit group of brothers.
All events begin 7:00 PM at Theta Xi (515 1st Street)

Monday, October 6th: Hookah Night. Come relax and savor your favorite flavors of tobacco with the brothers

Tuesday, October 7th: Corn Hole Challenge: Test your throwing arm with the brothers

Wednesday, October 8th: Hawaiian Night! Brink your most tropical shirt and get ready to grub at our luau

Thursday, October 9th: Thursday Night Football on the projector screen

Friday, October 10th: Bid Night ** Invitation only**

Some of the Organizations our Members are Apart of...

Chapter Accomplishments 13-14

Chapter Accomplishments 12-13

Chapter Accomplishments 11-12

Chapter Accomplishments 09-10

Chapter Accomplishments 08-09

Chapter Accomplishments 07-08

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2009 Concert Controversy

In the past, Theta Xi has held several successful concerts, providing venues for Mac Dre and other local rappers such as Andre Nickatina. In the Spring of 2009, they were associated with a failed event that left ticketholders looking for a refund amid a few weeks of uncertainty and confusion regarding who was responsible.

Theta Xi helped sponsor a fundraiser concert titled "E-40 Live at Theta Xi" with part of the proceeds benefiting Habitat For Humanity and the Breast Cancer Foundation. E-40 is a Bay Area rapper who has performed throughout Northern California, and the concert was scheduled for the weekend of April 24th (anybody know the exact date?). However, less than a week before the event was to take place on Saturday, April 25, Theta Xi announced the cancellation of the event through with no reason stated. At that point, the Facebook contact for the event, Jeffrey List said that the Fraternity would be handling all refunds. Jeffery List, however, was a concert promoter, not a member of the fraternity. Ticket broker EventBrite and PayPal became involved, and a large number of Davis locals wound up being very concerned, pointing fingers at various groups, including the fraternity.

As the controversy continued, an [WWW]article appeared in the Aggie that added more fuel to the fire. The Davis Police Department announced that they had invalidated the noise permit because it was applied on the basis of having local DJs, rather than a live performance by E-40, who has been banned in some NorCal venues for his "occasionally violent following" (2009-04-30 Aggie). 6trees entertainment company had been a major force behind the event, and they claimed the social chair from Theta Xi texted him a notice that they were canceling the event just a few days before the concert. Dallas Imbimbo of 6trees said that Theta Xi had broken "almost every single section of the contract they signed with us", and the article noted that the concert cost "$20,000, $3,000 of which 6trees payed[sic] of out of their own pocket." (2009-04-30 Aggie) In addition to the various official comments, the Aggie interviewed a student, Gloria Lu, who said she had received an email from the promoter saying that they weren't issuing refunds — and that she had never been told by any official notice that the concert had been canceled. She called the events "really sketchy." (2009-04-30 Aggie)

Theta Xi's side of events finally came to light in a [WWW]May 5th editorial in the Aggie, which explained several points in the favor of the fraternity. The noise permit was secured by 6trees, and it was their misrepresentation of the event that caused the noise permit to be invalidated and thus caused the concert to be canceled. The PayPal account was in the name of the event promoter (it is not made clear if it was Jeffery List or 6trees, or if Jeffery List was part of 6trees), and thus Theta Xi had no access to the funds to issue refunds. The editorial ended with a fairly negative review of all groups involved: Theta Xi for not being more forthcoming and their lack of public communication regarding the collapse of an event bearing their name, and also 6trees for claiming breech of contract and grounds for a lawsuit.

TX.jpgThe Main House aka TX


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Theta Xi is a Frat, they have been in town for a while near what was the borders complex. They have throw some wicked house shows. Theta Xi has had Mac Dre and other local rappers such as Andre Nickatina performing at theta xi before, it just sounds like they dropped the ball hardcore on this go around, I for one look forward to hearing about how this situation resolves. E-40 is from Vallejo and is rather local, he's just had some minor mainstream exposure, as far as being able to come perform it's doable. Most entertainers (lolundergroundrappers) charge the frat ~ $5000 in goods and services to come perform. Some people do savage shows, others come shady lipsynch and bounce. Daubert
Back when I was a new Davis resident (circle 1998-1999), they had some parties that were a bit too wild. I remember one I went to where some of the members were on the roof and threw an empty keg onto some guys head... Shortly after I left, I had heard that a riot broke out, and various party goers decided to fight the frat members due to their unsafe practices. It was a huge riot from what I was told. I had also heard a year later about another party ending when one guy bit another guys arm... - Paul Amnuaypayoat

Why would it matter what happened in 1998. That was seven years ago. Thanks for the insight. But if your are going to offer something at least make it apply to the people that are members of the fraternity now. That is just saying something to say it. Besides the person who threw that keg was not a member of Theta Xi so I would appreciate if you would retract that cause you dont know the person who threw it. Oh the person that bit the person's ear off was a phi delt and he was at fault. It had nothing to do with anything a member of Theta Xi did. I really hate when people just say stuff they no nothing about. That is not very fair to the people it effects. But it seems to happen a lot on this site.—DustinDevan

2006-07-17 22:49:06 There were absolutely no connections to narcotics. There was no meth lab in the basement as some rumors claimed. Anyone who is skeptical and go the Davis Police Department themselves and view the actual police report. —BenGolomb

2007-01-29 02:05:09 They have throw some wicked house shows. —StevenDaubert

2007-05-17 01:31:28 A picture of a cop with an assault rifle crouching in front of Theta Xi surfaced on the internet last year, possibly a result of that alleged raid. It was on the Davis LJ, and if I could find it I'd link to it, largely because the cop was crouched behind ridiculously little cover, as if he were a cartoon character. —ThomasGray

2009-04-22 10:40:50 Theta Xi cancelled an E-40 concert that was going to be on Sat. April 25 and is refusing to give refunds. They also removed the entire event from facebook so you can't get in contact with them. If anyone knows any more information on this please let me know! —Selby


The Facebook contact for the event, Jeffrey List ( said that the Fraternity would be handling all refunds. However, my attempts to email and call members of the Fraternity were futile, with phones being disconnected (530-758-6294) and emails unreturned. I contacted EventBrite, whose staff informed me that refunds had been initiated but the sole refund power rested with the Fraternity. EventBrite also informed me that they alerted PayPal to the incident and had the Fraternity's PayPal account frozen so they could not withdraw any more of the money collected from at least 500 hopeful concertgoers. EventBrite called the handling of peoples' funds by the Fraternity "irresponsible" because they were attempting to steal the money and they never intended to issue any refunds.
I also contacted the National Headquarters for the Fraternity, which keeps track of all Fraternity events, even on the local level. Jim Vrendenburgh ( or 800-783-6294, ext 104), the Executive Director for Theta Xi Fraternity & Foundation, responded to my email stating that he would try to investigate the situation on April 23. I have had no response since that date. I still have not received a refund either. I'm not convinced that this event was ever going to take place and I want the fradulent practices of this organization exposed. No one at the Fraternity will accept responsibility for stealing thousands of dollars from hundreds of unsuspecting consumers.

Theta Xi has had Mac Dre and other local rappers such as Andre Nickatina performing at theta xi before, it just sounds like they dropped the ball hardcore on this go around, I for one look forward to hearing about how this situation resolves. E-40 is from Vallejo and is rather local, he's just had some minor mainstream exposure, as far as being able to come perform it's doable. Most entertainers (lolundergroundrappers) charge the frat ~ $5000 in goods and services to come perform. Some people do savage shows, others come shady lipsynch and bounce. —StevenDaubert

2009-04-27 16:44:57 you all keep blaming theta xi and saying theta xi got the money, but if you look at your receipts, it's not theta xi that got the money. it's jeffrey list. he was in charge of the event and the money, and he is not a member of theta xi. he is the one stealing your money and not giving refunds. he kept all the money and tried to say that theta xi was responsible even though they are not because they never got any money. so blame it on jeffrey list. —yourmom12

Jeffrey List is a concert promoter that requested Theta Xi as a venue to host the E-40 concert. Theta Xi was just a venue and never actually saw any money from the concert except for the tickets sold on Theta Xi property. The tickets we personally sold were refunded immediately. The tickets purchased on the web were not handled by any Theta Xi members, they were all handled by Jeffrey List.

2009-04-30 08:50:07 An article in today's Aggie provides some insight on what happened with the concert... good luck getting that money back: [WWW][WWW] —jsogul

2009-06-10 16:51:15 Here's an updated explanation of what happened to the E-40 concert. [WWW][WWW] —EdwardWalsh

2012-06-26 11:14:45   dear latest wave of TX people interested in the wiki: Like I told your previous versions don't touch my comments —StevenDaubert

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