Thong H. Huynh Awards


The Thong H. Huynh Awards are presented annually by the Davis Human Relations Commission. The commission, established in 1983, is charged with developing positive human relations through greater education and understanding, and encouraging and promoting equal opportunity under the law.

The awards commemorate the life of Huynh, a Davis Senior High School student who was stabbed to death May 4, 1983, in a racially motivated fight on campus. The first award was given in 1986. The perpetual plaque hangs in the lobby of the Community Chambers next to city hall.

The city of Davis Human Relations Commission is seeking nominations for the 2013 Thong Hy Huynh Memorial Awards. The Commission will honor individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions in addressing or improving civil and human rights issues in the community. The Commission encourages groups and individuals to submit award nominations prior to the deadline of Friday, March 15, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. Award nomination forms may be obtained online at [WWW], at City Hall (23 Russell Boulevard) or by calling at (530) 757-5602.


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Lifetime Achievement: Recognition for significant civil rights efforts over a long period of time while improving the quality of life in Davis. This may be an individual or an organization that has promoted positive human relations in the community.

Humanitarian Award: Recognition for significant efforts in improving the quality of life for Davis residents. Nominees have directly addressed the needs of specific groups within the community in the areas of health, human services, housing and employment.

Civil Rights Advocacy: Recognition for significant efforts and achievement while speaking on behalf of those who have little voice, are unable to speak for themselves or cannot assert their civil rights.

Community Education and Awareness: Recognition for educational efforts while promoting positive human relations, civil rights, cultural awareness, and peaceful means of conflict resolution. These efforts have increased awareness of and appreciation for differences in our multicultural community.

Excellence in Community Involvement: Recognition of a business or professional organization that has a record of significant efforts in promoting and practicing equal opportunity. This organization has contributed to community efforts that promote positive human relations and civil rights in Davis.

Peace Officer of the Year: Recognition of a Davis or Yolo County police officer who has displayed exceptional interpersonal skills under challenging circumstances. Theses efforts have resulted in effective conflict resolution or intervention and have promoted positive human relations in our multicultural and diverse community.

Past recipients


Lifetime Achievement Award: Martha Beetley
Young Humanitarian Award: Anna Sturla and Henry Anker
Civil Rights Advocacy Award: Cruz Reynoso
Excellence in Community Involvement Award: Davis Food Co-op
Public Servent of the Year: Tim Taylor


Lifetime Achievement Award: Jack Forbes
Humanitarian Award: Lea Rosenberg
Young Humanitarian Award: Desiré Campusano
Civil Rights Advocacy Award: Amagda Perez
Community Education and Awareness Award: Davis High School Race and Social Justice Class
Excellence in Community Involvement Award: Davis Bridge Educational Foundation
Peace Officers of the Year: John Neves and Peter Faeth


Clara Robison
Moriah Malot
Nu Alpha Kappa
Dan LaFond
Elizabeth Fung
Joaquin Galvan
Emily Henderson
Cathy Speck


Verena Bortin
Dorothy Foytik
Community Education and Awareness Award: David Greenwald
St. Martin's
Capt. Darren Fyth
Rev. Kristin Stoneking


Lifetime Achievement Award: Lois Grau
Humanitarian Award: Will and Jane Lotter
Young Humanitarian Award: Amanda Lopez-Lara
Civil Rights Advocacy Award: Cindy Burger
Community Education and Awareness Award: Lisa Mowry and Jeanne Reeve
Excellence in Community Involvement Award: Meal Volunteers for Davis Community
Peace Officer of the Year: Trease Petersen


Lifetime Achievement Award: Mel Trujillo
Humanitarian Award: Michelle Reardon; Mariko Yamada
Young Humanitarian Award: Youth for Hope
Civil Rights Advocacy Award: Freddie Oakley
Community Education and Awareness: Hamza El-Nakhal
Excellence in Community Involvement: Davis Wiki


Mike_Philip_Sue.JPGMike and Philip accept the community involvement award

Freddie_Stephen.JPGFreddie accepting the civil rights advocacy award

Michelle_Lamar.JPGMichelle Reardon accepting the Humanitarian Award from Lamar

Mariko_Lamar.JPGMariko Yamada accepting the Humanitarian Award from Lamar

Youth_for_Hope_Don.JPGYouth for Hope accepting the Young Humanitarian Award from Don Saylor

Hamza_Ruth.JPGHamza El-Nakhal accepting the Community Education and Awareness Award from Ruth

Trujillo.JPGThe posthumous presentation of Mel Trujillo's award


Lifetime Achievement Awards: Shelly Bailes and Ellen Pontac; Yvonne Marsh
Humanitarian Award: Arun and Mimi Sen
Civil Rights Advocacy Award: Carlos Matos
Community Education and Awareness Awards: Jasmine Jane Cho; Ingrid Hogle; Rev. Sarah Motley; Youth in Focus/Catalyst for Social Justice
Excellence in Community Involvement Awards: International Parent-Child Learning Center; KDRT Radio, 95.7 FM


Lifetime Achievement Award: Tansey Thomas
Humanitarian Award: Hannah and Ernie Biberstein
Civil Rights Advocacy Award: Jann Murray-Garcia
Community Education and Awareness Award: Cindy Litman
Excellence in Community Involvement Award: Concilio of Yolo County
Peace Officer Award: Davis police officer Keirith Briesenick and Capt. Steve Pierce


Lifetime Achievement Award: Jerry Kaneko
Humanitarian Award: Herbert Bauer and the late Hanna Bauer
Civil Rights Advocacy Award: Gay Powers
Community Education and Awareness Award: Karen Roth
Excellence in Community Involvement Award: Kinko's of Davis
Peace Officer Award: Yolo County Sheriff's Deputy Dave Heller


Lifetime Achievement Award: William D Kopper
Humanitarian Award: Corky Brown
Civil Rights Advocacy Award: Natalie Wormeli
Excellence in Community Involvement Award: UC Davis Women's Resource and Research Center
Community Education and Awareness Awards: Marc Hicks
Peace Officer Award: Paul Doroshov


Lifetime Achievement Award: Richard Livingston
Humanitarian Award: Pat and Bill Williams
Civil Rights Advocacy Award: Rev. Tim Malone
Excellence in Community Involvement Award: Davis Community Television (DCTV)
Community Education and Awareness Awards: Elias Rashmawi; Alan Brownstein
Peace Officer Award: Chris King


Terry Turner
DARE, Davis Asians for Racial Equality
Francisco Rodriguez
Calvin Handy


Davis Community Meals
Grace Kim
Dick Nishi
Charles Holmes
Dusty McAuley
Desmond Jolly
Rick Gonzales


Peg Waring
International House


Isao Fujimoto

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