Thrift Stores


For all you bargain hunters, there are lots of locations in the area to find used clothing, furniture, household goods, and other items. Remember, kids, if you find something edible in a box at one of these places, chances are it's mummified. If you're thinking of eating it, be sure to use the sniff test first!


thriftstores.jpgYou can get this nifty map of the Davis Thrift Stores by asking for it at the SPCA Thrift Store. Unfortunately, 1/3 of the places on the map are Departed Businesses, and one is the garbage transfer site.

Davis has a few great places to find previously owned items.



Woodland has many thrift and consignment stores, including:

West Sacramento

West Sacramento has at least one thrift store.


Mostly Clothing

Clothing & Other Used Items

Historical Thrift Stores

Hidden Treasures (2006-2013) on Olive Drive had an eclectic mix of items, especially good for baby clothes.

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2008-10-21 14:16:32   Woodland's vast thrift selection makes Davis and its limited thrift selection look like sleazeball nation —ChrisWaterstraat

2009-12-18 15:44:27   Goodwill is still my thrift store of choice both for purchases and donations of my used items. —jrulz999

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