Thunderstorms (with or without lightning) are very rare in Davis. When they do occur it is either in the winter or spring or as a freak storm in the summer. Thunderstorms here are very mild compared to most parts of the country. A big storm in Davis is a few claps of thunder that everyone talks about the next day. Sometimes they cause power outages. In extreme cases funnel clouds or tornadoes can form.

To put this into perspective for the Native Californians, thunderstorms can last for hours with several claps of thunder a minute, and sheeting rain. Bolt lightning (straight to ground) can be the norm rather than the more common in Davis cloud to cloud lightning. This severity of storm is rarely seen in California except perhaps in the mountains.

Thunder is a rare enough event in Davis that we can keep track of it:



Here's a clip: [WWW] (Courtesy ConstantiaOomen)

Lightning92013-1.jpgDavis, September 2, 2013 - Hummingbird on branch, look careful - Photo courtesy ConstantiaOomen Lightning92013-2.jpgDavis, September 2, 2013 Lightning92013-3.jpgDavis, September 2, 2013

l1.jpgFrom West Davis in June 2013

l2.jpgFrom West Davis in June 2013 l3.jpgFrom West Davis in June 2013 020913.jpg02 September, 2013. West Davis RainbowInYellowSky.jpg02 September, 2013. Rainbow in a yellow sky. thun.jpgWest Davis, September 2013


Yes, it rained, and more than a few drops too! We saw thunder & lightning here (J Street), for about an hour. Every approximate 3-5 minutes a beautiful lightning. It came from the North-West. ConstantiaOomen



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