Toad Hollow Dog Park/Master Plan


Following is the Toad Hollow Dog Park Master Plan as adopted by the City of Davis Recreation & Park Commission on September 21, 2006. This information was distributed as part of the agenda at the public commission meeting held on that date.

Many thanks must go to both Pat Riley of the City of Davis Recreation & Parks division for coordinating this effort and researching logistics, as well as Bob Cordrey who patiently facilitated the community meetings, contributed his expertise in park design, drafted the plans, researched additional information and presented the plans to the Recreation & Park Commission.


The Toad Hollow/Core Pond Dog Park Masterplan process has been predicated upon survey results, city staff comments and two publicly noticed masterplan workshops. Based upon this input, and expecially the public inolvement during the two working meetings held on July 6 & 20, the amenities and design of this Masterplan are being forwarded to the city for approval. map_toadhollow.gif

List of Amenities

The primary features that were incorporated into the Masterplan design, based upon the needs and wishes of dog owners, are briefly described below in no particular order:

Cost Estimates

Cost estimates for the various amenities listed above are provided in this section. Since construction drawing and project specifications have as yet to be developed, this cost analysis is based upon general city and industry standards. Limited funding will most likely result in staged implementation, therefore the various amenities have been estimated individually and in no particular order.

Walking Path - 6' wide x 1300' length
a) Relocate existing sprinkler heads by city staff NC
b) Layout and equipment staging $2,000
c) Excavation of turf/soil 6" deep and material disposal $7,200
d) Installation of 1,300' steel edging $15,600
e) Apply weed control herbicide and install AB/roadbase in 3" lifts; slurry & compact to 6" thick $7,200
Note: Truck and equipment access to the perimeter pathway will damage existing turf. Some melthod of turf protection should be arranged (specific truck/equipment routes, plywood, etc.) during the removal and import of materials.
Small Dog Area
a) Installation of 225' of 48" high, 11ga., green vinyl chain link fence. Two 5' wide gates for equipment access. Three 3' wide public access gates. $7,500
b) Water feature similar to the existing one, to be extended 30' into the small dog area and installed south of inner-lock fence. $1,500
c) AB paving of inner-lock area has been included in the walking path paving estimate
Kiosk/Bulletin board
To be constructed by volunteers or in-house staff, the material costs would be approximately $600
Dog Rinse Deck & Drainage
a) Excavate 6'x8'x12" deep, 12"x12"x40' and 3'x3'x3' sump.
b) Backfill with 40' drain pipe and 4 cu. yds of 1½" drain rock.
c) Construct 6'x8' deck of 2"x6" composite material on 2"x6" joists.
d) Install ¾" hose bib with self-closing valve, extended 40' from existing drinking fountain.
To be constructed by volunteers or in-house staff, the materials cost would be approximately $800
15 each pre-cast concrete backless 6' benches at $500 each $7,500
12 each 15gallon shade trees at $90 each $1,080
Contract TREE Davis director Ruth Williams at 758.7337 for grant & funding opportunities.
Entry Landscaping
a) Remove turf in designated area and adjust existing sprinklers NC
b) Place several large boulders and wood chip mulch $500
c) Plant drought tolerant shrubs and ground covers $300
To be installed by volunteers or in-house staff, the materials cost would be approximately as shown.
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