It is important, in whatever country or company you may be in, to toast appropriately. Study these and learn them, for they will serve you well one day as you down that chang in the Sherpa tent or hang with the locals at a Scottish pub. If you can offer a drink and toast a person in his/her own language, you've made a friend! If you can sing the local songs after tossing a few, you'll doubtless be buddies for life.

    1. Standard Toasts in Various Languages
    2. Toasting Etiquette
    3. Clean but Amusing Toasts
    4. Downright Nasty Ones in Any Language
    5. Toastmasters International

Standard Toasts in Various Languages

Toasting Etiquette

Clean but Amusing Toasts

Downright Nasty Ones in Any Language

Toastmasters International

Toastmasters is an international social club dedicated to making toasts and helping people improve their public speaking skills. There are [WWW]local chapters in Sacramento, Vacaville, and even Davis! Anyone know if it is still active?

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