Toilet Papering



TPing, or Toilet Papering, is a tradition among the high school jocks, This is especially true during homecoming week. The TPing in Davis has distinct styles depending on the hurler. A good throw goes to the top of the tree.

Many of the younger Davisites have gone TPing at some point in time.

Please note that Safeway will remember you if you come in looking young and buy alot of TP, especially at night. If a house gets hit the police do check with all the stores when someone files a report.
A couple of the other local stores are reputed to have TP source tracing measures in effect.

Toilet Paper has been used extensively in the 9th Grade Prank


TP_House.JPGOn Oak Avenue


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2009-11-28 23:42:44   I guess I will have to remember about the remembering of large purchases of toilet paper late at night if I ever decide to have some [WWW]Chipotle. —hankim

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