Town Art


B_Street.JPGEast side of B Street, south of 8th, this mural is no longer there as the child care center was replaced with apartments nnt_roots.jpg

Also see Urban Art and Art Galleries. Art on the UC Davis campus can be found at Campus Art,

The town of Davis is home to all sorts of city-sanctioned art such as murals and sculptures. But there's also a lot of impromptu sort of art lying around there. Some of it, on the whole, is pretty awful. But some pieces are hidden treasures. Here we collect a little of both.

2012 saw a dramatic surge in new town art to create the Transmedia Art Walk.

Spring_2007.JPGArt at the Train Station

Look for temporary public art installations and events April 9 - June 30, 2007 at the Train Station Plaza and the former police Substation nearby.

Art that is no more

For more information about the City's Art in Public Places Program, you can visit [WWW]

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