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Just like every other town, Davis has its own distinct and memorable characters to laud. People get included in this list for many reasons. Some are listed to celebrate and honor the distinct or interesting attributes that make them visible individuals in a sea of sameness. Rock on, characters — you're the people who will be remembered long after the nondescript faces walking along the sidewalk are forgotten! ♥

Here's our own list of folks who add spice to Davis life. Some have very little known about them, so they go by descriptions rather than name — if you are the person or know them, chime in!

The Current Characters

Characters now in another town


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2005-10-11 11:19:53   Last year in 184 Chem I saw a segment about a reporter interviewing a guy who smashed a car window to make a point -what was that? If it happened in Davis, it probably deserves a Wiki page. Also- Perhaps this page should have been called "Local personalities", to be more precise. —SteveDavison

2005-05-30 22:35:40   Does anyone know much about the guy who hangs out in King Lounge a lot? He usually wears a black, ragged jacket, black jeans. I've always wondered about him. When I'm in King Lounge in the late afternoon, he is usually there, sleeping most of the time. —JenniferChu

2005-11-25 16:01:43   I can't believe Dirty Santa isn't on here yet. New in town, but definitely a character. Long hair and beard dirty blond tobrown, wears matching sweat shirt and pants (sometimes UCD logo), hangs out downtown a LOT. Then you've got Guitar Guy with the super skinny dog (plays out front of the old Butera House a lot, long hair trimmed beard, really nice guy), Robbie Blackbeard the Bum (wears a baseball cap a lot, probably around 20 or so, missing some teeth), Skating Dan Dietze (Everyone loves Dietze. You don't frequent G Street Pub a lot if you don't know Dietze. He has a chipped tooth, self inflicted tatoos, and a self-inflicted burn scar of concentric circles from an electric kitchen stove on his forearm.), and what I like to call the Hobo All-Stars. Basically the gaggle of transients that kicks it by the big tree in Central Park with a boombox. —JeffSpeckles

2007-04-26 22:36:31   KDVS once had a show produced by a local "tinfoil hat lady" who was convinced that the government was beaming microwaves into her house and controlling her thoughts. She even had a webpage. Does anyone know who she was? —GrumpyoldGeek

2009-07-30 17:58:37   Maybe Walking Man (2005 comments) is the guy I know as Stomping Man, who lived for a long time at the Motel 6 in south Davis after he was evicted from Cambridge Glen. Long, stringy grey-brown hair, all black clothes. Kicks dogs and mutters nasty things to women and children. His raison d'etre is stomping around town muttering and kicking. Saw him out stomping in Woodland once, too - that man does love to stomp around. —calvin2

2009-10-05 21:15:20   Is Walking Man the same guy as the one I'm talking about? I don't think so? He always hangs out in the Art Lounge (every time I've gone except maybe at odd night times, he's been there), wears a black jacket (although I'm pretty sure I've never seen him with cowboy boots or a cowboy hat on), has a liter of soda, and has sudoku or puzzles or the newspaper with him? I think sometimes he goes through the garbage for food. The last time I saw him he was cutting things out (coupons?) and kept muttering "damnit. Damnit!" —AlisaKim

2010-11-01 13:40:07   Speaking of walkers, there's an Asian man I've noticed for years now, could be anywhere from 50-65. Head always tilted, walks in zigzags down the street, unless a car is coming, and he does a kind of Charlie Chaplin thing with his feet and legs when he walks. In parking lots, he makes sure to touch every man-made object with his right hand and right foot, at the same time. Ignores tree trunks, but touches the lightposts. He was doing it this morning at 5:15 in the Sutter Davis parking lot. If a parking lot has cars in it, he'll gently touch the back of most cars, and write down (or pretend to write down) the license plate number. He usually has a small plastic bag with him. Anybody know anything about this guy? I've seen him mainly in the Covell/Sycamore/Shasta Dr. area. —AirporterDriverPete

2011-04-01 07:41:14   I've noticed this one older man a lot in the last few months. He looks to be in his 50s or 60s(?) is about 5'6" with white hair and fairly clean shaven. He is always wearing khakis with an off-white, somewhat ratty knit sweater. Sometimes he is wearing a "hat" that looks like a round piece of netting in the shape of a yarmulke with a baseball cap bill stapled onto it.

Does anyone know anything about him? I see him walking around downtown or sitting in front of the Co-Op most frequently. I'm really curious but don't want to rudely go up to him and ask probing questions. —OliviaY

2011-08-09 20:04:19   There's a new interesting person that has been hanging out on 3rd/G in front of Ketmoree. She listens to a CD player with her CDs spread out on the sidewalk and dances. Interesting candidate for grad student or mentally ill... —ScottLay

2011-08-09 20:17:43   I have seen her many times recently and she is definitely becoming a town character with her portable CD player (yes, CD Player) and her quirky little dance routine. —Wes-P

2011-08-09 21:07:32   Anybody know who the middle-aged black lady who walks around shouting at no one in particular is? I saw her first on Yolobus from the airport to UC Davis. I've seen her at least three more times walking downtown, on campus or on Russell. She usually has a suitcase or some kind of luggage she's carrying around with her. And she's always having a loud, angry argument with someone invisible third party. —jsogul

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