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How do I get from Davis to ___ on public transit?

Sacramento 1. Amtrak runs nonstop to downtown train station every 1-2 hours. See Amtrak Capitol Corridor [WWW]schedules and train status for the link to schedule (PDF download), and current train arrival status. Or 2. Yolobus [WWW]42B runs every hour to downtown Sac., various faster routes during commute hours. 1. Amtrak fare $9 (one way, single ride). 2. 42A bus for return trip, Yolobus fare is $2. Yolobus express routes to downtown Sacramento include [WWW]43, [WWW]44, [WWW]230, [WWW]231, [WWW]232. All of these run from Davis to Sacramento in the morning, and return at end of the workday — except for [WWW]43R "reverse" route. Yolobus express fare is $3. 42A/B is slow route because it takes two detours near I-80/Mace, and makes several stops in West Sacramento. For other destinations in Sacramento, transfer in downtown Sacramento to buses or light rail. See Sac RT's [WWW]system map or [WWW]destination guide for details.
West Sacramento Yolobus [WWW]42B runs every hour, makes stops all along West Capitol Ave. 42A bus for return trip. For other parts of W. Sac., transfer to other Yolobus routes near W. Sac. city hall
Woodland 1. Yolobus [WWW]42A runs every hour. Or 2. [WWW]242 express bus: one trip each way M-F, leaves Woodland about 7am, northbound leaves UCD about 5:20pm. 3. Other Yolobus routes run nonstop from the bus yard to Davis in the early morning, and back in the evening. 1. 42B for return trip. 3. Yolobus Davis-Sacramento express routes listed above run nonstop to/from Industrial and E. Main bus yard, at the 113 interchange, about one mile east of the courthouse. Most of these run to Davis early AM (before beginning regular run to Sac.), and return to Woodland in the evening after making last regular stop in Davis.
Winters Yolobus [WWW]220 , four trips per day M-F, three on Sat. Last bus leaves Davis 2:29pm M-F, 2:00 pm Sat.
Dixon, Vacaville 1. Fairfield-Suisun Transit ("Solano Express") route 30, three weekday departures from UCD MU: 8:58am, 2:06pm, 5:06pm. The [WWW]weekday schedule is available from [WWW] Also Saturday schedule can be downloaded from City of Fairfield [WWW]FST website. 2. Vacaville only, Yolobus 220 (see "Winters" above): three trips per day serve Vacaville (all except the weekday commute run from Winters early AM, and back to Winters at end of workday).
Fairfield, Suisun City 1. Amtrak (see "Sacramento" above). Or 2. FST route 30 (see "Dixon, Vacaville" above). Bus (2) is much cheaper than Amtrak (1), but is much slower and runs much less frequently, no service on Sunday. Like getting to Sacramento, Amtrak runs nonstop, about 20 minutes to Suisun City, a short walk from downtown Fairfield and courthouse.
Vallejo 1. Amtrak: take train to Martinez, transfer to Amtrak bus (runs five times per day, less often than train; advance reservation required through [WWW] Or 2. Route 30 (see "Dixon, Vacaville" above) to Fairfield transit center, transfer to Vallejo Transit "Baylink" [WWW]route 85 1. Buy Amtrak ticket to Vallejo, to be used on both train and bus. 2. Unfortunately, Vallejo Transit 85 (Fairfield-Vallejo, runs much more frequently than route 30 or the Amtrak bus) stops at Solano Mall, over a mile away from the Suisun Amtrak station. Because route 30 runs very infrequently, with only three trips per day serving Solano Mall to connect with route 85, this option is marginal at best. The author of this page is considering creating a composite schedule that shows these two barely-connecting bus routes, and the Amtrak option all in one table.
Benicia 1. Amtrak: take train to Martinez, transfer to Amtrak bus (runs five times per day, less often than train; advance reservation required through [WWW] Or 2. Route 30 (see "Dixon, Vacaville" above) to Fairfield transit center, transfer to [WWW]route 40 1. Buy Amtrak ticket to Benicia, to be used on both train and bus. Unfortunately, route 40 stops at Fairfield transit center, over a mile away from the Suisun Amtrak station.
Rancho Cordova, Folsom In Sacramento (Amtrak station or downtown, see "Sacramento" above), transfer to light rail to Sunrise (to R.C. only) or to Folsom.
Modesto, Fresno, Bakersfield Amtrak [WWW]San Joaquin train: catch connecting bus at Davis Amtrak station to Sacramento or Stockton (Amtrak train the rest of the way), or take Amtrak west from Davis to Martinez and transfer to a San Joaquin train to the south (all-train journey) single ticket on Amtrak for both bus and train
San Francisco 1. Amtrak to Richmond, transfer to BART. Or 2. Amtrak to Emeryville , transfer to Amtrak bus (single Amtrak ticket to SF) 1. Buy discounted BART ticket in Amtrak cafe car. In addition to downtown stations on Market Street, BART also stops in SF Mission district, stations beyond downtown 2. In addition to main downtown stops, Amtrak bus also serves at Fishermans Wharf, Caltrain station (near Giants' stadium)
Oakland Amtrak (see "Sacramento" above) All Capitol Corridor trains (departing Davis every 1-2 hours) serve Jack London Square station; most trains also stop at coliseum.
Martinez, central Contra Costa 1. Amtrak to Martinez, transfer to [WWW]County Connection bus for Pleasant Hill, Concord, Walnut Creek. 2. Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek also can be reached via Fairfield-Suisun Transit routes 30 and 40. More details under "Benicia" above.
Marin County Amtrak to Richmond, transfer to [WWW]Golden Gate 42 bus to San Rafael.
Napa, Santa Rosa Amtrak via bus connection at Martinez (single Amtrak ticket). Bus runs five times per day, less often than train; advance reservation required through [WWW]
San Jose, Fremont, Hayward Amtrak: Capitol Corridor train runs less frequently than trains to Oakland
Sacramento airport Yolobus 42A runs every hour 42B for return trip
San Francisco airport Amtrak to Richmond, transfer to BART

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