Unfortunately, Davis has a fair number of methamphetamine addicts, commonly known as tweakers. They are one of the reasons it is always wise to lock up your bike.

The term "tweaker" technically refers to a stage within the methamphetamine abuse cycle. From the State of California Resource Center, publication No. (ADP) 99-2455 ([WWW]link):

Do we have any stats on this? I didn't think that meth was a big problem in davis? -George Lewis

I spent some time sitting in my fair share of court rooms in Yolo County and lets just say that I heard the word methampetamine come up a lot. - RobRoy

Yes, it's hardly unheard of. - MichaelGiardina

Oh, what demons these tweakers are! In fact, sounds like an undercover cop - ChristopherMckenzie

Some statistics: the Davis Police logs [WWW] from 04/01-09/27/2005 list three meth incidents. However, all three were reported during the past few days (09/24-09/26), which seems unlikely. Maybe they drop reports from the online logs? RAND corporation seems to have *very* detailed stats about drug abuse [WWW] — does anyone have access? JoFeuerstein

That log only has data for reports filed in the past week.RyanCastellucci

See Methamphetamine for a list of Meth House busts in California including Davis. They are sorted by county.

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