A social networking/instant messaging site, [WWW]Twitter that has become very popular and is still growing in usage. When there is any sort of 'breaking news' in Davis, that news is often spread very quickly by Davis Twitter users. There are at least [WWW]several hundred Twitter users who live or work in Davis. Furthermore, UC Davis schools, societies, and other campus-based organizations, are particularly well represented.

DavisWiki is also on twitter, at [WWW]@daviswiki.

The top 25 Davis Twitter accounts

The following ranking is taken from [WWW]Twitter Grader's list of the [WWW]top 50 ranked twitter accounts in Davis (their ranking is based on a secret formula), and is correct as of November 14th 2012. Note that the actual follower counts may be higher or lower than shown here and that not every Davis-based Twitter user will be listed by Twitter Grader (this depends on what is entered in the Twitter 'location' field'). Please consider changing your location field to 'Davis, California' if you want to make it on to their list. Names in the 'Real name' column link to pages on Davis Wiki where relevant. A [WWW]UC Davis social media page also maintains a page of notable twitterers on campus

Position Twitter name Real name (if known) Number of followers Info
1 [WWW]constantia oomen Constantia Oomen 29,225 Author, OBE expert, nature lover, 24/7 vegan, astral & physical traveler
2 [WWW]marykayhoal Mary Kay Hoal 23,563 Youth internet-safety advocate
3 [WWW]phylogenomics Jonathan Eisen 12,636 UC Davis Professor
4 [WWW]ucdavis 6,036 UC Davis [WWW]Admissions, a great source of news for all things related to UC Davis
5 [WWW]cgjerdetu 6,574 Davis, CA Real Estate
6 [WWW]californiaaggie 4,537 The California Aggie, a UC Davis Newspaper
7 [WWW]ucdavisvetmed 4,382 The account of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
8 [WWW]freefromhunger 4,444 Freedom From Hunger
9 [WWW]ucdavisaggies 2,880 UC Davis [WWW]Athletics
10 [WWW]igenomics Dawei Lin 2,723 Manager of the Bioinformatics Core at the UC Davis Genome Center
11 [WWW]muren Nancy LaBerge Muren 2,488 Artist
12 [WWW]911news 2,305
13 [WWW]serenadegarden 2,218 Twitter account of a garden product made by AgraQuest
14 [WWW]ucdavisnews 2,144 UC Davis News Service
15 [WWW]itsjonsantiago Jon Santiago 1,914 Host of the Davis 'Sport's Deli Podcast'
16 [WWW]dr_bik Holly Bik 1,763 Post-doctoral researcher in marine genomics
17 [WWW]aggiepack 1,716 The UC Davis [WWW]Aggie Pack
18 [WWW]halfdeck 1,319 Davis blogger
19 [WWW]unschool Suzie 1,670 A Davis [WWW]Unschooler
20 [WWW]rebeccablack Rebecca Black 1,271 Teacher, writer, and etiquette professional
21 [WWW]big_tomato 1,794 Davis Food Co-op
22 [WWW]vervesol Liz Merry 1,519 Solar consulting company
23 [WWW]ucdaviscaes 1,695 UC Davis College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
24 [WWW]andyojones Andy Jones 1,771 UC Davis Professor, poet, radio host, and quizmaster
25 [WWW]UCDavisCoE 1,587 UC Davis College of Engineering

And some other notable/useful Davis twitter accounts (some of which are also listed in twitter grader's top 50)

Position Twitter name Real name (if known) Number of followers Info
26 [WWW]ucdavislaw 1,252 UC Davis School of Law
27 [WWW]kbradnam Keith Bradnam 1,150 The person who lovingly, and foolishly, keeps this page updated
30 [WWW]ucdavisrec 1,198 UC Davis [WWW]Campus Recreation
33 [WWW]ucdavisevents 1,180 The people to speak to if you want to plan an event (e.g., get married) on campus
34 [WWW]marilynm Marilyn Maciel 1,834 Davis' most prolific tweeter, with over 40,000 tweets!
39 [WWW]ucdextension 1,161 UC Davis Extension
40 [WWW]cory_golden Cory Golden 1,614 Davis Enterprise reporter
41 [WWW]UCDavis_Egghead Andy Fell 890 Research and general news from UC Davis
46 [WWW]d_enterprise 816 The Davis Enterprise, Davis' daily newspaper
47 [WWW]ucdavismusic 883 UC Davis Department of Music
[WWW]UCDavis_Morain Claudia Morain 1,691 News Service Director for UC Davis
[WWW]DavisDowntown 996 information about shops, shopping, and entertainment from the Davis Downtown Business Association
[WWW]ucdavisfye 928 UC Davis [WWW]Campus Orientation
[WWW]davisfanatic 572 a Davis Fanatic
[WWW]daviswiki Philip Neustrom 561 The site you're now using!
[WWW]daviscapatch Justin Cox 544 Editor of Davis Patch, bringing you Davis-related news
[WWW]UCDavisSocialMe 475 Bringing news of various UC Davis Social Media activities
[WWW]calaggiesports 404 UC Davis sports news from The California Aggie
[WWW]UCDavisTweetUp 262 Organizers behind UC Davis Tweet Ups
[WWW]DavisTweetUp 230 Organizers behind the regular Davis Tweet Ups

Suitable hashtags to use for tweets about Davis

[WWW]Hashtags are one way that makes it easier to find all tweets on a similar theme or topic. The most common hashtags used in tweets about Davis are simply:


Including these hashtags in your tweets will make it slightly easier for people to discover them.


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2012-09-21 10:47:11   #DavisCA definitely seems to be the "official" Davis hashtag. I think #davis gets lost in a bunch of other things. So if you tweet about Davis, you should probably use #DavisCA —sba

2012-10-10 11:13:35   Updated main tables with latest figures —KeithBradnam

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