One of Davis' Town Characters, Two-Step is a homeless man who hangs around the Taco Bell in South Davis and is more well-known in the local Davis schools than at UCD. He is nicknamed Two-Step because when he walks, he generally takes two steps forward and one step backward, though sometimes instead of taking the second step forward, he will do a little shuffle.

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Is that the guy that always drinks with his buddies on the South Davis Bike Path every Friday afternoon? I see them every single week drinking Natty Ice among other things. -AbbyLawson

I've heard him speak. I once gave him some food after shopping at the South Davis Nugget a few years ago. We talked for a bit, but I can't for the life of me remember what we talked about, except that part of it had something to do with him doing leatherwork. He was really quite friendly, though. -JessicaLuedtke

2009-04-28 12:15:12   I believe he is no longer with us, as I have not seen him in forever. I remember my mom told me he once stopped and took a dump in the crosswalk out by South Davis Taco Bell. —MasonMurray

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