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UCD Bathrooms are important to talk about because cleanliness is next to Godliness and you want to crap in a Holy place, don't you?

Please visit our Bathrooms as well for more general (town-wide) bathroom fun.

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  3. Tourist-Trodden and SCARY
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bathroom_view01.jpgView from a 6th-floor Kerr Hall urinal


Tourist-Trodden and SCARY

Horrible_Bathroom.JPGTypical Men's restroom

mu_bath1.jpgMU Bathroom - east end mu_bath2.jpgMU Bathroom - stall wall muga_bath.jpgMUGA silo_bath.jpgSouth Silo Bathroom

More Information

IMG_1539.JPGGender neutral bathroom campaign by the LGBTRC.


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2005-02-08 23:13:18   I got the chance to go into the mens bathroom in the basement of Storer and it was really cool! —RohiniJasavala

2005-02-10 21:28:03   dude nothing beats the bathrooms in Olson......yummmy —LauraPeguero

2005-03-07 10:33:26   The violent murder was in the Physics-Geology Bldg on 2nd floor men's bathroom. Reference from Tragic eventsBradCuppy

I think the school needs to get rid of the current urinals and should instead use flush-less urinals. That will save us tons of water, not to mention money as well. Althought, I wouldn't be against the campus installing a bunch of fake trees with signs on them that say co-ed outdoor restroom facilities. Either way I'm pissed off. — RobertBaron

2005-04-13 16:06:02   Please report Jock Artist activity here when you see it! —RickEle

2005-08-21 18:58:26   I used the men's room somewhere in the Death Star. —MichelleAccurso

2005-08-22 23:06:20   My most dreaded bathroom stall on campus is in the basement of Olson...in the girls bathroom there is a stall that is HALF the size of the rest. It's the third one down, right next to the handicapped stall. The walls of the stall are almost touching the toilet itself. You could easily injure yourself somehow in there! —KarlaFung

2005-10-20 01:05:50   I remember quite clearly my freshman year that there existed one of the greatest bathroom wall stories I have ever read. It was in the bathrooms in the eastern part of the Arboretum. On the far stall in the men's bathroom existed a sex story about this guy and his girlfriend, with excruciating detail he explained his sexual exploits. But it gets better. See this guy apparently graduated 1981 or something and he had it signed. The best part though, he made an addendum to the story 10 years later with his now wife who had a decade earlier been his girlfriend. I wish I could show more evidence of this, for one funny event and two a time chronicling thing. But alas the university must have gone into that bathroom and had that place "updated", I returned my sophomore with much dismay, since that story should have gone down in the history books. —MikeMele

2006-05-12 10:28:59   The new Sciences Lab building sucks for taking a dump. The toilets are so high that my feet dangle! That hasnt happened since I was 4. I think they try to keep them smelling nice since the SLB is what they use to impress everyone from outside campus. Also, the 2nd floor MU bathroom gets a lot of dumping action and smells accordingly (for the Men's room anyway). I suggest going 3rd floor or higher =) —DavidBatten

2006-07-27 12:11:45   I always liked MUGA, because unless there's a kid's birthday party, they're empty and clean... —MeganCurtis

2006-08-11 23:12:37   Kerr Hall has been my favorite for years, literally. —CameronMenezes

2006-08-24 00:39:53   I suggest that "tourist trodden" and "scary" be separated. There are plenty of scary bathrooms on campus — ever been in the men's room in the basement of Storer Hall? I can tell you that the men's room in the Campus Data Center is pretty scary too, and neither one of those are tourist trodden. —ChrisLambertus

2006-09-18 15:41:01   The new "automatic" paper towel dispensers that are being installed around campus suck. You usually have to touch the sensor to get it to dispense. That defeats the whole purpose, which I assume is reducing the spread of germs not saving paper. —CharlesMcLaughlin

2008-07-17 00:38:15   I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the basement bathroom at the PSE library. You can tell it's a bit aged, but it has aged quite gracefully—like a fine wine...if wine were a bathroom. —SteveKent

2009-02-19 23:05:11   The women's restroom over at Hart Hall is pretty nasty (although the graffiti on the stall wall is pretty interesting). —strawberry

2009-03-17 01:19:19   ARC Ballroom bathrooms are the best, no question. It's where the employees go. —sososharp

2009-10-06 11:46:56   The women's bathroom on the first floor of Haring (over by 1204) is creepy and disgusting... there's usually only one light on, making it feel like a bad horror movie, and there's a bed behind the sinks... any explanation? —acparsons

2010-11-20 19:11:59   The phys/geo murder was detailed in an email to physics department faculty and staff, probably in 2008, but I don't have a copy of the email/emails any longer. Perhaps another physics grad? —allwheat

2014-03-07 21:38:51   There's a bathroom with urinals that look kind of like this. can't remember where it is. Anyone have any idea? test_bathroom.jpgucdstud

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