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  1. May 2014 Ceremonies / Tickets Wanted
  2. June 2014 Ceremonies / Tickets Wanted
    1. June 14, 2014 Tickets wanted
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This is a page for swapping tickets for the UCD Commencement ceremonies. If you have tickets to offer, or need tickets, this is the place for you. Please don't forget to list which commencement, including time, you have/need tickets for. According to university regulations, you may not sell or buy tickets, or trade them for anything of monetary value, so let's try to keep it friendly.

You may add your swap as a comment, but it would be even better if you hit the edit button at the top of the page and add it in yourself! Good luck!

May 2014 Ceremonies / Tickets Wanted

June 2014 Ceremonies / Tickets Wanted

June 14, 2014 Tickets wanted

I know I'm early to the party, but I need as many extra tickets as possible for the College of Letters & Science 7pm commencement. Call/Text 510-213-0217. THANK YOU

I am in need of 5 tickets for the L&S Spring Commencement 2014 at 7pm on Saturday, June 14. If you have extras could you please call/text me at (562) 665-4945 or email me at roxannelreyes@gmail.com. Thank you!

I need 2 tickets for L & S Spring commencement at 9am. Grandparents just came from India and I would love for them to attend. Please email at jkdhuncy@ucdavis.edu. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
-Jaspreet D.


The following comment may or may not still apply.

2009-6-03 23:59:44   They distributed extra tickets for the A&ES commencement this morning at Freeborn. You can probably still get some if you go to the dean's office —mydiaz


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