UCD Parking Rates


parkinghistoric.jpgTaken 1998

I'll see if I can track down the sheet that I've got showing how much parking has gone up over the years.

Year Annual Permit
1957 $0
1958 $6
1959 $6
Year A Permit C Permit Daily
1990 $64 $30 $2
1993 $86 $62 ??
1998 ?? ?? $3.00
2001 ?? ?? $4.00
2002 ?? ?? $5.00
2003 ?? ?? $6.00
2004 $148 $121 $6.00
2006 $151 $124 $6.00
2008 $151 $124 $6.00
2010 n/a n/a $7.00
2013 $163 $136 $8.00

A and C prices are quarterly.

Transportation And Parking Services is in charge of parking on campus.

parking2004.jpgTaken 2004


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2004-12-18 11:35:29   And be aware that the event parking permits are STRICTLY enforced. My husband had to stop a parking officer from writing him a ticket when he was standing in line to buy a permit! - BevSykes

2004-12-18 17:23   Parking permits were going up a dollar a year for a while. At least they finally settled down this year. TAPS people say you should blame the administration, not them. Even though we have the lowest rates in the UC, it costs way too much. - BrentLaabs

2004-12-19 10:14:06   The funny thing is that TAPS lies about their nighttime enforcement. Does anyone who's ever worked at TAPS know what their REAL enforcement hours are? - JaimeRaba

2004-12-21 00:19:16   BAR GRAPH!!!!@@@$## - ArlenAbraham

2005-04-04 14:06:02   TAPS enforces Monday thru Friday 7am to 10pm. Yes, there really are people working during all of those hours. On weekends, if there is a special event, they will enforce the lots that they are selling permits in. —GreatWhiteEric

2007-04-18 18:15:57   Isn't charging special events parking a little... wrong somehow? The signs and information clearly states that parking permits are required M-F, with nothing about special events included. It seems like they're just trying to squeeze out every dollar they can by charging on a Saturday. —AllisonEriksen

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