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476 Mrak Hall
9am - 5pm M-F
(530) 752-2416

The Division of [WWW]Student Affairs exists to effectively deliver student services that support and enhance your UC Davis academic career prevent lawsuits against the University. The Division is headed by Fred Wood, the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, who was appointed August 1, 2007. Over thirty departments are under the Division's purview. Most of these departments are grouped into subdivisions, all of which are overseen by an Associate or Assistant Vice Chancellor. An administrative chart is available [WWW]here



In July 1970, the third chancellor of the UC Davis campus, James H. Meyer, appointed Thomas Dutton as the first vice chancellor for Student Affairs. The newly created administrative appointment encompassed the responsibilities of the former part-time positions of the dean of students, and dean of men and women.

Chancellor Meyer created the position after determining what type of administrative structure might best deliver student services.

As vice chancellor for Student Affairs, Dutton restructured student programs to reflect the campus's academic planning and brought under one organizational umbrella enrollment services (admission, financial aid and registration), counseling, housing, health and recreation, student government and student special services.

Previous Vice Chancellors of Student Affairs

Current and Previous Assistant and Associate Vice Chancellors of Student Affairs

Since students are more likely to interact with the Office of Student Affairs, they often know and work with the various Assistant and Associate Vice Chancellors of Student Affairs


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