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At UC Davis the Chancellor is the highest ranking position on campus. The Chancellor works directly with the Board of Vice Chancellors and serves as the face of the university to the rest of the world.

The Sacramento Bee described the significance of this position in a [WWW]recent profile on Linda Katehi: "As top boss of UC Davis, she leads the second-largest employer in the Sacramento region. The only guy in town with more employees is Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Among the benefits of the job are housing in the form of the Chancellor's House on College Park. He or she oversees the other UCD Administrative Officers.

Before the position of Chancellor, the University was run jointly by the Dean of the College of Agriculture and the Dean of the Agricultural Extension at the University Farm.

To see how much the Chancellor makes, you can look [WWW]here


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2008-03-19 21:59:06   Larry Vanderhoef's gross is $305,841, according to the Sacramento Bee. For a rough comparison, Stanford President John Hennessy gets an annual salary of $566,581 and USC President Steven Sample receives $605,086. —JeremyOgul

2009-09-23 13:21:16   Since there is no archive of older Aggie articles, does anyone know what the Chancellor's duties include? Maybe a daily routine or something? —hankim

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