UC Davis Computer Labs

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There are a bunch of computer labs all around campus. Some labs, like the ones in the Shields Library, are managed by [WWW]CLM — meaning any UCD student can use them (they require a login/password). There are other labs that require you to be a member of a certain department or group, such as the ones in Kerr Hall.

These general computer labs are manned by Computer Room Consultants or "CRC"s and managed by IET - [WWW]Computer Lab Management(CLM).

CLM's labs are divided into three types of labs: Open Access (never have classes scheduled in them), Classroom Labs (classes are scheduled here, but the room is open to students when classes are not using them), and Media Labs (contain media equipment and software).

What labs are open right now?

There is a [WWW]list of open labs and how many seats are open.

Open Access Labs

For the updated hours, go on IET's website. The right panel will show you the hours

Classroom Labs

Media Labs

Labs that require a (non-UCD normal) password

Other Labs

Note: Further info on the computer labs can be found in the [WWW]computer room guide Please update this page with that information if you have the time.

Need a Job?

Need a job? Good with computers? [WWW]Apply to be a CRC or work in Hardware Support!


clm-openaccess-poster.gifOpen Access poster (2012).

mulab.jpgHistoric Image: Memorial Union lab (2005).

Picture 1.pngShields 182 Print Queue (2009).

abc123.jpgThe old printer queue web interface (March 2006).

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