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The UC Davis English Department is located in Voorhies Hall. Their major program consists of three different emphases: a General Emphasis, a Teaching Emphasis, and a Creative Writing emphasis.

If you have interest in pursuing a major in English, then check out the [WWW]Undergraduate Program requirements (or check the General Catalog). For a full list of courses in the department, please consult the General Catalog.

Some people think that [WWW]"English is the best major at Davis". Some people think it will leave you unable to get a job. Regardless of your opinion, it is nice to have some pretty words in your life.

Yiyun Li, a member of the Department since 2008, was awarded a prestigious MacArthur Foundation fellowship in 2010.


Staff Advisor: Lynda Jones
Office Hours: M-F 8-12, 1-5
Office: Voorhies 177
Email: lmjones@ucdavis.edu

Peer Advisor: TBA
Office Hours: TBA
Office: Voorhies 112
Email: TBA


Courses are divided between the English Department's [WWW]literature and creative writing classes, for those interested in literature, and the [WWW]composition courses that are taught as part of the University Writing Program which states on [WWW]its official website that "under the guidance of the Undergraduate Council of the U.C. Davis Academic Senate, the Writing Program has become an independent entity, separate from the English Department," but I believe most of the writing instructors are also part of the English department, though perhaps not all are.

English 180 (Children's Literature)

English 101 (part of the Writing Program)

Recommended Teachers

Teachers to Avoid

Senate Faculty

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