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With 37 consecutive winning seasons up until 2007, Aggie Football is a source of great pride for UC Davis.
The Ags used to have the longest active winning streak in DI or DII; beat that Cal!

The Ags take part in two annual rivalry games: Sacramento State in the Causeway Classic and Cal Poly in the Horseshoe Classic. UC Davis is 19-16-2 all-time versus Cal Poly (5-3 in the Horseshoe Classic after the 2011 game) and 39-17 against Sac State.

Current team

The Aggie Football team started off the 2010 season with a 52-3 loss against UC Berkeley, and finished the season with a 6-5 record, having beaten Cal Poly 22-21 in the Horseshoe Classic, and rival Sacramento State in the Causeway Classic.

Past Seasons


In 2005, the Aggie Football team took part in arguably the greatest upset in college football history by beating the Stanford Cardinal in their stadium. "Home football games" are the epitome of the college experience — see the [WWW]schedule to find out when the next game is.

For a recap of the completely unexpected upset of Stanfurd (come on Perry, get the spelling right!), as well as video highlights (more like a documentary), check out [WWW]this link. This impressive win against Stanford developed quite a reputation for UCD's first season. When Stanford's crowd started chanting "Upset" at the Stanford v. Cal rivalry game, Bears fans replied by chanting "UC Davis". Throughout 2006, there seems to be a surprising amount of enthusiasm about Davis Football at Cal.


The Aggies completed the 2006 season by keeping the consecutive winning streak alive and finishing 6-5. 2006 was an was a season with its highs and lows. The Ags suffered set backs in close losses to Cal Poly and North Dakota State, but ended the season on a high note by defeating Sac State and the University of San Diego.

The 2006 season will be remembered as the last season played at Toomey Field. It was also the last season UC Davis played before officially joining the ranks of Division 1.

Student attendance during the 2006 season was at an all time high during the school year. Capacity Aggie Pack crowds filled Toomey field with noise and of course tube socks.


The Aggies embark on "a new era" in 2007. With a new stadium, new uniforms, and becoming Division I excitement around the program was high. Season tickets sales were at an all time high, and sell outs are expected at Aggie Stadium sometime this century.



The Aggies beat North Dakota 28-20 to take the Great West Conference Championship, and finished with a 6-5 record, losing the Causeway Classic to Sacramento State.


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Aggies in the NFL

Over the years, 17 Aggies have been drafted to the NFL (listed on the table below). Countless others have played in the NLF, such as [WWW]Daniel Fells, [WWW]Forest Vance, [WWW]Casey Merrill, and [WWW]Chris Mandeville.

Year Head Coach Round Pick Player Name Team Position
2002 Bob Biggs 6 14 186 [WWW]J.T. O'Sullivan Saints QB
2001 Bob Biggs 5 22 153 Onomoe Ojo Saints WR
1999 Bob Biggs 5 18 151 Kevin Daft Oilers QB
1991 Jim Sochor 12 3 309 Jeff Bridewell Cardinals QB
1986 Jim Sochor 4 3 85 Mike Wise Raiders DE
1985 Jim Sochor 6 28 168 Scott Barry 49ers QB
1984 Jim Sochor 2 26 54 [WWW]Bo Eason Oilers DB
1983 Jim Sochor 1 24 24 [WWW]Ken O'Brien Jets QB
1980 Jim Sochor 8 19 212 Jeff Allen Dolphins DB
1979 Jim Sochor 5 3 113 Casey Merrill Bengals DE
1979 Jim Sochor 6 17 154 [WWW]Mike Moroski Falcons QB
1977 Jim Sochor 7 21 188 Rich Martini Raiders WR
1977 Jim Sochor 12 28 334 [WWW]Rolf Benirschke Raiders K
1976 Jim Sochor 17 11 470 Anthony Terry Eagles DB
1970 Jim Sochor 2 16 42 Tom Williams Chargers DT
1970 Jim Sochor 12 16 302 Howard Gravelle Chargers TE
1970 Jim Sochor 12 24 310 Gary DeLoach Raiders G
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