UNITE was a former ASUCD slate, active during the school year of 2001-02. The name (not an acronym) was probably inspired by Berkeley's [berkeley]student government party, Bears United. However, the name could not survive in a post-9/11 world, and thus was changed into Student Focus.


Fall 2001

UNITE was formed in Fall 2001 by Sara Henry and Lee Weissmann. The two had run against each other the prior Winter Quarter election, the controversial election in which the LEAD ticket had swept 6 ASUCD Senate seats along with the Executive Office. UNITE effectively united the campus moderates and greeks.

Under Sara and Lee's leadership they came up with the following ticket:

UNITE's competition included a derivative of LEAD called People's Collective, a DCR supported ticket called TEAM AGGIE, and a ticket of 2 students (one of which was future Senator Lindsay Crawford).

UNITE Fall 2001's platform included:

UNITE's official motto was "Bringing Positive Energy to Campus." This was in response to the clear tensions between many groups on campus that had sparked after 9/11. Such tensions included a controversial statement by then LEAD ASUCD President Tiqula Bledsoe that he made while speaking at a demonstration in the quad in which he claimed those who supported the war were bigots and racists. UNITE's unofficial motto was "UNITE is tight!"

UNITE may have been the first slate at UCD to mass produce T-Shirts (although they only wore them on election day). Their T-shirt color was dark blue with white lettering.

UNITE went on to win 5 of 6 of the available seats, Shelly Runyon being the one left out (She later went on to become EAC Chair). The other seat was won by Lindsay Crawford.

Fall 2002

UNITE returned in November 2002 and was headed by Lee Weissmann in his bid to be reelected. Candidates included:

Their platform issues included:

UNITE 2002 once again had the official logo of "Bringing Positive Energy to Campus." The ticket's shirts were bright yellow to fall inline with the shirts used by Student Focus in Winter 2002.

UNITE 2002's main competition came from the LEAD ticket, in particular the fact that they were running Caleb Hervey, quite possibly the most popular man in school.

UNITE 2002 was not as successful as UNITE 2001. They won 3 out of 6 seats. The election itself was historic for 2 reasons:

The Senators elected were:

Where did UNITE go?!

The name of UNITE effectively died when Sara Henry (President) and Kalen Gallagher (Vice President) decided to run under the name Student Focus in February 2003.

This is very rough and I am sure there is much to add. I just wanted to get the frame out there. Kris, I am sure you remember some things from this 'era' Enjoy.


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