UPTE Strike 2009


A one-day strike has planned by the union of academic employees, UPTE, throughout the whole UC System. The CUE has declared a sympathy strike, and many other groups including graduate and undergraduate students are planning class walkouts. All on the first day of the 2009-2010 school year, September 24, 2009.

Our campus will have a [WWW]Rally on the Quad at noon, in addition to UPTE picket lines (and supporters) that morning.

What is happening on September 24, 2009?

Why are the strike and walkout happening?

The UPTE strike is was organized as a response to perceived unfair labor practices and the university's failure to bargain in good faith. For further details, see [WWW]UPTE's strike FAQ.

From the faculty walkout [WWW]statement:

The primary demands set forth in the walkout statements from faculty and students include:

UCD's Official Response

‘When UC decided that faculty furlough days could not be taken on instructional days, it was thinking of students. Even in this financial crisis, the university wants to do everything it can to ensure that you continue to receive a world-class education.’ — Chancellor Linda Katehi

For more information on the the official response from UCDavis, visit [WWW]UCD's News & Information Page".

How does this particularly affect students and faculty?

How will budget cuts affect students and faculty in the sciences?

What are possible outcomes of the strike?

Further information:


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