YoloFigures.pngYolo County tends to have high seasonal variation in employment and, unlike Davis itself, run higher than US figures. (source: [WWW]Google/US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

It happens. You got laid off. Or fired. Or quit. Whatever. Regardless, you'll most likely be facing an extreme shortage, if not a complete cessation, of incoming money. Fortunately, there are different programs in place to help you until you can find your next job.

Luckily for Davis, the town's unemployment rate has been significantly lower than the state average for many years.

  1. Temporary Financial Assistance
    1. Unemployment Benefits
    2. General Assistance
  2. Paying for Necessities
    1. General
    2. Food
  3. Health Care
    1. Medi-Cal
    2. Community Clinic
    3. Other Programs
  4. Child Care
  5. Low-Income Housing
  6. Finding Work

Temporary Financial Assistance

Unemployment Benefits

[WWW]Unemployment benefits are available to qualifying individuals who have recently been laid off due to no fault of their own. Benefits come in cash (or debit card) payments, and amount to somewhere around half of your regular paycheck. Benefits also come with the stipulation that you register with the [WWW]CalWorks job search and keep track of your job search efforts. They also have a few training opportunity programs with limited enrollment.

General Assistance

The county provides emergency assistance to people in dire need. The program provides financial assistance, substance abuse counseling, health care benefits and job training. Visit the [WWW]Yolo County General Assistance webpage for more info.

Paying for Necessities



Health Care

Termination of employment often results in termination of insurance benefits, so it's good to know what other options you have available.


[WWW]Medi-Cal is a state-sponsored public health care program available to [WWW]eligible individuals, notably caretakers (whether for children or dependent adults), pregnant women, and children. Denti-Cal is available for dental care services. [WWW]Download Application forms here.

Community Clinic

CommuniCare Health Center is the local community clinic that serves low income and uninsured (or under-insured) individuals. They accept various insurance plans, but also operate on a sliding-scale payment system.

Other Programs

Child Care

Low-Income Housing

The city has a low-income housing program for families meeting the requisite income and household size. Essentially, qualifying households may receive [WWW]Section 8 housing vouchers to offset the cost of rent. Section 8 vouchers are accepted at [WWW]a number of Davis housing complexes. Unfortunately, there tend to be long wait-lists for openings at these complexes, and it is not uncommon for the wait for an available apartment to last between six months and a year.

A more expedient option for individuals who rent housing may be to relocate to less expensive areas, especially Woodland, Dixon/Solano County, or in rural Yolo county.

Finding Work

Check out Employment, Job Applications and Job Board

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