Unique Bikes Seen In Davis


Due to the bicycle's popularity in Davis, several unique bikes and bicycle-related vehicles are often seen. This page is here to document these creations, because who doesn't like seeing weird bike stuff?

Types of Bicycles

Individual Bicycles

Human-Powered Vehicles (HPV's) but not Bicycles

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2009-09-19 10:18:02   I've carved a Victorian rocking chair from original design, and am carving a carousel horse, plus acquiring old ones. Can anyone give me a way to contact the person who knows how the Farmer's Market at Central Park operates the recumbent-powered bicycle which turns the small carousel? I'd love to build such a mechanism for a small carousel on our small peninsula Farmer's Market in Gustavus, Alaska, at the mouth of Glacier Bay. Thanks so much. kate —kateboesser

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