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 * ["Alder Ridge Apartments"] are, as far as I know the ONLY apartment complex that does month-to-month leases in Davis. If housing in Davis did not do September 1st 12 Mo. leases there would be an amazing surplus of empty apartments for 3 months over the summer. If your son is graduating from UCD, one would expect him to be old enough to read papers before he signs them, as well as take responsibility for his actions. --["users/MasonMurray" MM]


707 Sycamore Lane
Central Davis near the intersection of
Sycamore Lane & Wake Forest Drive
Only cats allowed.
Covered parking
Bike parking
Laundry facility
Dishwasher (certain units)
Microwave, Refrigerator
Instaconnect wireless for free, DSL

University Commons Apartments is a relaxed college community filled with a mixture undergrads, grads, and a few families. UCA offers two bedroom, one bath apartments ranging from $1150/month-$1250/month with a $500 deposit.The property currently has one 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse for $1650, which eventually will include its own personal laundry room within the unit. Because of its high demand, the unit is rarely available. Utilities covered include water, sewage, garbage, and of course wi-fi. Cats are allowed with a $300 deposit [January 2010]. This complex was taken over by Storm Management in November 2009 and since then the property has gone and is still going through many renovations.


Visit our Housing Guide or Apartments page for more information on housing options within Davis.


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2005-11-16 22:50:01   dumb question...where's the study room? (I live here and I've never encountered a study room) —JuliaRoseFurman

2007-04-26 23:52:19   Can I recieve a current review of the place? I'm apartment hunting and I want to know how the water pressure, internet, AC/Heating, noise level, and parking is... —Apartmenthunter

2007-05-04 01:23:42   I just visited the place. The management doesn't seem like they really know what they're doing. Also, you can hardly get a hold of this place, they barely answer the phone. They're excuse is, "we open after 10AM". We definitely called at 11,12,1,2 and finally showed up at the place at 3. Their second excuse was "we were showing someone the apartments probably" I don't like management that makes excuses and that I can't ask questions and answer to me in a comprehensible manner. The place looks kinda run down, but yeah, I don't live here. I just looked around the complex and talked to the management. I definitely don't recommend starting your apartment hunting search here. —Apartmenthunter

2007-08-18 16:27:02   This place is actually nice. So close to campus and really affordable. Management is good too. —Glamfunk

2007-12-24 21:05:33   I have lived in this place for over a year and going on to two. There is definitely a noise problem as there will be people walking, talking, yapping in the wee hours of the night. The washer and dryer is bit expensive at $1.25 for each. The management is alright, they seem to be slack but are very nice when you talk to them. We go there frequently to ask them to fix some various things such as unclogging the sink, toilet or even replacing dead light bulb. The free wireless sucks though, don't ever rely on that. There is also no study room. The inside of this place is small, but the price is nice. You will feel crammed in the bedrooms for sure, but it isn't as small as university court. —acidicbase

2008-02-09 23:36:06   now that i've lived here for about 6 months and gotten a feel for it i feel justified commenting about it. it's not the newest place (kitchen appliances are rather dated) but i like the management, they're fairly friendly and prompt on dealing with any problems (and the workers around are really nice :) they gladly replace/fix stuff for us as soon as we ask even if the management isn't around). pricing is fair for size and the proximity to campus. i second acidicbase on both the noise (though the late night talking has died down for a month or two now) and the internet (instaconnect is entirely unreliable). parking is $80 for the year for those who wanted to know. —MiranPark

2008-03-13 13:49:59   A tad pricey but definitely a decent place to live. Appliances are a tad old and the plumbing is rather run down but the management is pretty nice and the workers who repair problems are the apartment's redeeming factor. Roof has leaked 3 times and every time, the help was pretty quick to come fix the problem. Apartments are fairly roomy compared to most and management is quick to assist with any issues that might come up (had the carpet replaced as an example). —pieguy

2008-11-24 22:45:06   i hate to burst your bubble above commenter wayne, but they were actually planning on remodeling/upgrading all the apartments anyway. i still hear the instaconnect sucks. maybe i'm just bitter because i have a huge hole in my bathroom ceiling right now where there is a leak from a burst pipe which makes me unable to shower. felipe, the worker/repairman cool. very cool and awesome. —MiranPark

2009-01-23 12:27:16   this place SUCKS. there's always so much loud noise at the most randomest time of the day. They use the leaf blower like 3 times a week early in the morning, there are crows that make so much noise around 7 or 8am, whenever it rains the pipes outside make the most ridiculous noises. The appliances here are quite old, and I'd rather pay less money for a better place. —djturn2

2009-01-26 18:26:14   Major noise problem. djturn2 is right about the various noises around this place. The crows are berzerk during the early hours and yes, the water running through the pipes during the rain is very annoying. Worst, people around the place seem to like to play music REALLY loud; in fact, there's music blasting as I type this. Instaconnect is unreliable, although it does have its good days -don't rely on it though as you might find yourself stuck w/o internet on days when you have a prelab to do or w/e. Aside from that, the management is nice and the maintenance people are very good. Given its relatively affordable price and proximity to campus, its a bearable place. Don't expect anything spectacular though. —localRenter

2009-03-11 10:24:17   The room is very nice and large. I place is better than I thought from the look outside and the price is reasonable. There's no problem occur to me while staying —cooooo

2009-03-17 10:15:16   This place is a joke. The grounds of the complex are shittier than all hell; I feel like I'm living in a refugee camp when I walk through them. Also, every fucking morning I am woken up by blasting Mexican music combined with either a skill saw or a hammer banging incessantly into mine or somebody else's wall. It seems they are doing construction of some type, but the only things I have seen produced are shitty compilations of raw lumber that look like something a teenager building a skateboard ramp might make. That is to say, these apparent renovations are not making the place look any better (even worse?) and at the expense of the renters sleep. I concur with the person who posted qualms about the drain pipes being excessively loud. I don't know who built this place, but clearly they were building for the deaf or creatures without ears. The internet here may be free, and that is for a reason. They should have to pay me to use that shitty hamster-wheel run system they call internet. Don't be surprised if a "system error" occurs multiple times a week for hours on end and you can't access the internet. And when it is fixed, your back to slower than dial up. It literally takes over a minute at times to load a simple html page. So when they say free internet, don't take that as a kudos, take it as if there is no internet because it is almost impossible to survive as a student of this system. The location is good, I'll give them that. However, that is no reason to rent here. There are plenty of apartments with nicer grounds, nicer buildings, and equally as convenient, if not better, locations. Moreover, the price is not right. Search around and I guarantee one can find a much more suitable place worth what they charge. This place is not worth it, seriously. The lady in the office is very nice, but don't be fooled, she is not management. Click on the link above and read for yourself the "rave" reviews this clearly incompetent management has gotten. I have two instances from this past year which really sum up the competence and scruples of this management. First of all, me and my roommates had picked out an apartment our freshman year. There are different plans, and we were assured that the plan we wanted was the plan we were going to get. Even on the lease was the apartment plan we were supposed to get. Then the day before we moved in, University Commons called us and said our apartment would not be ready until the day after we had planned to move in. This normally would not have been a big deal, but I was already in town with truck bed filled with my shit. So we had to settle for another plan with no compensation or anything. Then we saw the apartment we were supposed to move into and the place was literally trashed. It ended up taking them over a month to clean that apartment out so that someone could move in. Move in the next day my ass you lying sacks of shit. One more horror story. An international student lives in this complex and said person had made arrangements prior to coming to Davis to get an apartment here. However, the person needed a roommate to make the price reasonable and the management promised a roommate and not to worry. Well, no roommate was obtained and the person had to pay full rent, i.e. the management would not take responsibility for their inability to be reliable and trustworthy. Fuck this place, it is by far one of the worst experiences of my life. College is supposed to be fun, exciting, and all sorts of other good adjectives. If this is really true, then University Commons is the antithesis to college. My advice, SEARCH AROUND. That was mine and my roommates mistake. Please do not commit the same blunder we did. —cps

2009-05-10 23:52:54   The instaconnect wireless sucks. It actually worked okay before, but now it just disconnects people all the time, not to mention the really slow speed. The apartment is pretty old and the rooms are a bit small for the price. But I'm fine with it because it's close to campus. I'm not sure why they had the construction work either because it doesn't seem like there is much of an improvement. And yes, it was very annoying to get woken up by the construction workers. The walls are pretty thing, too.

The management is nice, though, and will fix any problems you have, except the internet. I'm always told to call the internet company, but those people are never around or they put you on hold. And when you finally get through to them, the internet is okay for a while and then becomes shitty again. -_-; I recommend getting your own internet service and taking the costs of that into account when looking for a place because this place's internet just won't cut it. —chompie

2009-07-21 11:09:50   How are the neighbors here? Are they okay with throwing kickbacks/parties? I like to invite my friends over, play some music, and have fun. Nothing huge, but I like to play music and stuff. Would this be a good place for that or is everyone really lame about partying? —johny

2009-08-05 09:15:47   Yeah they're pretty lame about parties. I had a few get togethers a while back.. and people from OTHER apartment complexes came over and knocked on our door to tell us to turn it down, on a FRIDAY. And it gets insanely loud at the oddest hours too. They decide to mow the lawn and cut the weeds at like 7 in the morning when everyone's still sleeping. I have like a family living upstairs of me who always makes hella noise, the husband is always screaming and yelling like a madman, and the children are always running and stomping. It gets pretty annoying. That's why we're not living here next year. —djturn2

2009-08-20 23:28:16   I do not like being awoke by lumber noises at around 7-9am when most people are asleep. All the construction work seems to disappear over night because the apartment still looks bad.

The air condition is so crappy even after changing the filters that my roommates and I stopped using it. The management acts all nice, but they are a little slow: they promise to fix something from your apt, and you have to wait 2 weeks. This has been consistently the case since there were some problems in my apartment. But to be fair, the manager does try to get the apt back into shape. —WengFF

2010-02-18 01:46:41   I am most likely going to be living here this fall. Have they changed their policy about pets or are they still not allowed? —snsdgee

2010-04-05 22:02:50   Does anyone even know when the manager is in his office anymore? As for the guy above me, they allow some pets. You just need to tell them and put down extra money for security deposit. —SebastianNg

I do not know if there are regular office hours anymore but I do see the office open more frequently nowadays. Usually on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I know they are open around when rent is due though (funny how that is...).

2010-07-01 14:32:42   Undoubtedly one of the worst apartment complexes in Davis. This distinction is not at all attributed to the dilapidated outlook of the complex, but the exorbitant rent charged to live in this little slice of depression. Rent will be increased by $20 for next year, apparently. The management must reason that the shoddy "renovations" that have been undergoing at all hours of the day over the last few months merits a rent increase. If you consider a slather of paint and a few (literally) tacked on boards as renovations then by all means, increase the rent...

Would-be renters should be aware of a few features before loaning their soul and hard-earned cash away. When it rains, you will go insane and restless from the never-ending sound of water coursing through the pipes and drains. In what can only be described as an avante-garde architectural move, the designers of U-Commons brilliantly decided to place drain pipes directly adjacent to rooms so that when rain comes occupants will be completely in tune with Nature - throughout the whole night. One should also not be surprised if a neighbor or roommate is heard because there is little separating you and everyone else.

Also, I imagine the designers originally envisioned apartments that would act as both living space and makeshift incubators. During those interminable Davis summer days the internal temperature of U-Common apartments reach unnatural levels, and the lack of suitable ventilation creates an atmosphere ripe for suffocating inhabitants. Seriously though, these apartments need a window in the kitchen or somewhere else. Trust me, these apartments are unnaturally hot even when the outside temperature is fairly cool - it is really unlivable in the summertime (unless you like suffering in an environment that fringes on suffocating its occupant).

The only thing U-Commons has going for it is its location. Despite the location the price does not warrant living in such miserable place. If you harbor low standards and won't mind wallowing in a depressing, jail-like room then I happily recommend this place. However, if you bear any shred of dignity and care in your living space, then I urge you with strong conviction to avoid U-Commons. Do not let its "free wireless internet" banner or convenient location swindle you into a contract because you will surely regret living here.

***Also would like to note that each unit is allowed one parking permit. Thus, only one person can park in U-Common's back-alley slab of concrete, and at a price of what I fuzzily recall to be $60...(forget about street parking too as it is impossible to find a spot during the busy school year. Many from the surrounding complexes park on the street and freshmen who think it cool and acceptable to bring cars don't help either) —blastoff

2010-08-02 21:07:11   I just moved here 5 months ago and don't understand why the guy above me(blastoff) is hating so much. If this is the sane guy that live next to me then I am glad he is gone. The apartments are nice inside. my apartment kitchen hallway and bathroom was beautifully tiled in ceramic not plastic flooring and the kitchen had all new appliances. the deposit is only $500 which was half of any other. And the Managers have been there every day. There is always a maintenance guy around and they even helped me with furniture and moving big items in. Levon the manager was very helpful and even gave us his cell number. Most parking are slabs of concrete and who needs a car in Davis anyway.The pool is great and they even had a BBQ with some amazing tacos for the tenants.The places are a little older but are great on the inside and the upkeep is nice. Believe me.. this is a place where I feel I am a tenant and not a student. SoBlastoff take the stick out your ass. —JackStorm

2010-08-03 15:10:19   I just moved in here, and really have had a good experience. Levon is a good manager that has helped me a lot from knowing the neighborhood to helping locate furniture. what I like as well was the low deposit and no App fee.I have a huge patio and have entrance through the back as well so storing my bike is safe and easy. Ok! they are a little old and it does get a little hot...BUT i asked for a extra air conditioner in my room and it was done in three days Felipe the maintenance guy is really cool and did the work very well. In my experience with college apartments (i am a senior now) University Commons is a good place with managers that seem to have a motto "if you have a problem let us know". Like most places if you don't say anything then nothing will be done. Parking is a little scarce(one per apartment) but for the money its way less than Davis parking. All in all I give this 7 out of ten which is good in my point system. Also the new ceramic tile is awesome and the appliances were new as well. I heard the new management have been here under a year and they seem to be right on top of things. —Teocagley

2010-08-05 19:27:59   What is the minimun leasing period of your apartment? —XYZ

2010-08-08 20:45:02   My son was mistreated by the Management of University Commons Apartments.

Where can I ask for the help to deal with the Management of University Common Apartments?

2010-08-08 21:35:28   My son was mistreated by the Management of University Commons Apartments.

I asked the Management of University Commons Apartments to show me the signed leasing document.

However, the Management of University Commons Apartments refused to provide me the signed leasing document.

How can I do??

2010-08-08 21:54:11   >> •It appears to be 12 months with no room to negotiate.

How does this 12 months count? Can this leasing period to be May 2009 to May 2010?

2010-08-08 22:19:05   The Management of University Commons Apartments mistreated my son.
My son doesn't have any income; however, he doesn't have the legal sense of what the leasing agreement is, either.
In this case, does my son's leasing agreement with the University Common Apartment have to have my agreement, too? —XYZ If your son is over 18 they can do what they will, are you a cosigned on said lease? Can you sublet the rest of the lease? Daubert You should look at this page Rental Housing Guide

2010-08-09 00:54:19   The Management of University Commons Apartment mistreated my son.

I refuse to pay the rent for the mistreatment of the greedy Management of University Commons Apartment.

My son doesn't have any income and he has no sense of the lease.

It is the time for my son to learn the bloody lesson from the greedy Management of University Commons Apartment.

The Management of University Commons Apartment will bring my son to sue him in the court.

Does anybody have the suggestion for my son to learn the first bloody lesson from the greedy Management of the University Commons Apartment? —XYZ

2010-08-09 08:05:29   It seems this web site supporting for the Apartment side; not for the UC Davis Students side.

For the senior students who graduate in May and the they leave Davis,

how should they do to avoid to pay the rents for the empty room of the University Commons Apartment

from July to August?

2010-08-09 08:16:09   My son is the UC Davis graduate student. This disaster happens during he was the UC Davis student.

Is any Department of UC Davis which

I can ask for help, consultant, representative, negotiate, legal assistance, etc? —XYZ

2010-08-09 08:32:40   How can UC Davis allows this disasters happening every years to many innocent UC Davis students???/ —XYZ

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